Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Milly Wears Pajamas to Work

She claims that the top she is wearing under her sweater vest is a pajama top. You really can't tell...but still, only Milly can get away with that. I have, on occasion, sported the sweater vest look. Kind of get the Ellen DeGeneres thing going on. Today, however, I am dressed head to toe in black. It is slimming! Really. And speaking of clothes, I am really looking forward to dressing up as a pirate for Halloween. Argh! Avast me hearties! It will be a simple, yet effective costume and I won't scare the children with any bloody scars or things like that. Next week, I will get to be a pirate twice for a total of five, count them five programs. Then, there is actual Halloween, the following week when I can be a pirate yet again! I will either grow to hate my costume or decide to become a full time pirate. Time will tell.

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