Wednesday, July 31, 2013

All We Need Are the Necessities and More

I am somehow all thrown off on my days, but was still able to recognize this as a Choose and Defend Wednesday. Way to go, brain. We have completed the Summer Reading Program here at the library. The month of August is our quiet, planning month. We like it and need it, but the public seems to grow mildly depressed. Anyway, a change will do us all some good, surely! Here is your choice for this week's Choose and Defend.

Would you rather take a two week vacation in -

A Secret City Built on the Moon

The World of Your Favorite Movie
Don't worry, you can bring whomever you like along with you. You will return in two weeks...unless of course you love it so much you never want to leave! Then enjoy an endless vacation in another world :) All that's left to do is Choose and Defend. Thanks!


FW said...

I would prefer the moon but with a slight twist. There was a TV show in the 70s called UFO and that had a secret moon base, I'd like to visit that for my vacation. So, in a way it's a combination of both options. said...

The Moon! I'm just old enough to remember the tail end of the Apollo program, and I suffered my share of Tang breakfasts. I was promised jet packs, flying cars, moving sidewalks, and Moon vacations. None of that has come true, though Southwest has perfected the flying bus.

Jasen Buch said...

I would have to pick The World of My Favorite...fictional podcast. Just introduced to me last week and a bit over a year old, I want to spend two weeks in the fictional desert town of Night Vale. If you enjoy a twisted humor, and odd science fiction references, check it out. I choose, THE WORLD OF MY FAVORITE (podcast) MOVIE.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I suppose the moon. I can think of lots of movies with places I'd like to visit, but how often do you get a chance to go into space?

laura b. said...

FW: Oh, that's cool! You can definitely do both :)

James: I am always awaiting my jet pack and my groovy, colorful one piece ensembles. One for the Moon.

Jasen: Oooh! I will go with you! Something tells me we wouldn't be permitted to take any vacation photos. One for the Movie.

Secret: It would truly be a rare opportunity :) Two for the Moon.

Everyone: So far, we have a score of 2-1...or if we give FW a wheel in both lanes 3-2, with A Secret City on the Moon just ahead of The World of Your Favorite Movie. I hope some more people are willing to enter the conversation. I thought this was a fun one :)