Saturday, July 13, 2013

Into This World We're Born

STORM. What?  Haven't seen one in these parts for awhile. Haven't you heard? It never rains in Southern California. haha! This week's Saturday Scavenger Shots word was chosen by Tara @ Eclectic Spaghetti. I am aware that in other parts of the country there has been nothing but rain this summer, pretty nearly. So, STORM is a great word! There are STORMs of other sorts, of course...non-weather related...but I am going to be Ms. Obvious yet again. It is kind of my thing.

Check it -

The beautiful blue sky over Glendora, CA. No STORM clouds here.

Oh, here are some clouds...kinda fluffy and not too grey. Will this lead to a STORM?  Doubtful.

You want a STORM? Pretty sure this shot proceeded an actual shower! Rage, STORM. rage! :)

I hope it is not STORMing where you are. Unless you're into that! Then STORM away, oh savage skies. Now all that is left to do is wait and see what happens next....


Jasen Buch said...

It's been storming around here over the past couple weeks. Sometimes in the morning, other time in the afternoon, many time at night, and some days, it lasted all day. We got a short break, but it's going to return.

I love the pictures of not STORMs. Very antithetical to the word.

Tara said...

I love the big, white, floofy clouds. We had those today, and they were not storm clouds! The sky around the clouds is a light blue.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I love storms. As long as I'm safe!

FW said...

Storms can be exciting if watching them from the safety of somewhere secure and safe. I would love to visit Southern California and enjoy the sun, mountains and the heat!

Jasen Buch said...

I have been tagged and I pick FIGURE for next week's word.

laura b. said...

Jasen: A break from anything that has been lingering is nice. hah! I probably should have thought of some other kind of STORM to post, but you know...working with what I gots.

Tara: There is something quite fascinating about cloud formations. It is nice when they are puffy ones just blowing through.

Secret: Exactly. If I can stay in warm and dry, I'm good.

FW: Hope you get the chance to visit someday. I bet you guys would really enjoy the variety of landscapes in this area. I live no more than an hour from mountains, beaches, and deserts!

Jasen: Superb! That word is a very wide open sort of word!