Monday, July 29, 2013

There's Only Us

Getting to my Saturday Scavenger Shots and it is only Monday. Better late than never, right? This week's word, SUPPORT, was chosen by me. It is a theme in my life right now...well, always, really. I actually wavered between RECOVER and SUPPORT, but decided SUPPORT was more what I wanted to feature.

Up front, things have been challenging lately for a number of the people I love. Lots going on. Of course, some of it is good, but as I said, there have been some challenges. So this post is for the people I will always SUPPORT, no matter what they need.

 Times are a-changin' and times are tough right now in the little family. But I will SUPPORT my beautiful babies through it all as best as I can. They will never do without.
 DR has also been facing down a challenge. So, of course, it is my challenge too. I will always SUPPORT him. He'd do the same for me.
Well, kind of a somber theme. But there is something reassuring about it too. Everyone needs SUPPORT once in a while. If you are able to provide it, you feel fortunate and you draw strength from that capability. If you are the one who needs SUPPORT, and you receive it consistantly, you can feel confident that you have probably done something to earn it. So either way, it is a gift :)
Thanks for stopping by the blog, even when I'm late. It is that kind of SUPPORT that keeps me posting!
(Also, supposed to tag someone. I must confer with my collegue, but will return with a tag. Thank you, again.)


Secret Agent Woman said...

Very mysterious, but I hope things ease up soon for everyone.

laura b. said...

Secret: I dislike being cryptic. If the story was mine to tell, I'd be more forthcoming. Thanks for your good wishes.