Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I, I Will Be King

Choose and Defend Wednesday has rolled around once again. For the volunteering (or the thoughts about volunteering) you provided last week, you shall be rewarded this week. Yes, even though giving is ideally its own reward, we are going rogue up in here.  The only question is, how do you want it?

Would you prefer to be recognized for...

Saving a Life


Winning a Nobel Prize

You're awesome enough to Choose and then to Defend said choice to the group. Do it. Go on, you deserve it. Choose and Defend and bask in the glory!


Anonymous said...

You are horrible.

Allegedly as his Alzheimer's grew increasingly worse, the one thing that Ronald Reagan remembered were the lives he saved as a teenaged lifeguard. I'd like to extrapolate from this little story (true or not) that saving a life is the most profound thing that one can remember personally.

On the other hand, I've known people who've saved lives, and "remembered for" seems to only last a couple of weeks outside of that personal experience.

I suppose I could use the latter to justify my selfishness, or I could console myself with the notion that whatever work led to my Nobel saved millions of lives rather than just one. Regardless, the bottom line is I don't know anything 'bout savin' no lives, and I could put that Nobel cash to use.

So Nobel, but really I think I'd rather not be remembered at all.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Oh, man. Can I go with saving many lives through some Nobel-prize-worthy medical innovation?

laura b. said...

James: I am not horrible! Okay, well maybe a little. I sense your conflicted feelings about the whole being remembered thing. But as a writer, you are leaving all these parts of yourself lying about :) One for Nobel Prize.

Secret: You certainly can! Good way to work it. Two for Nobel Prize.

Everyone: Two people participated so far this week. I'd love some more answers, but I get that you're busy blowing stuff up and eating that leftover potato salad :) So far it is 0-2, with Saving a Life losing in an indirect way to Winning a Nobel Prize. Be heard! Choose and Defend.

Jasen Buch said...

Richard Feynman disliked honors. He felt that the highest one could give him would be to use his work to make an important discovery. He was accepted into the Royal Society and promptly resigned because all it was was a group of people deciding who should be allowed in. He never held his Nobel Prize in high regard, either.

If you would like to recognized for lives that I save. Years from now, when a loved one has a stroke and the doctors give him/her a drug that saves his/her life, I hope that people who knew me would remember me for that. SAVING A LIFE.

laura b. said...

Jasen: Good info on Feynman. He sounds like an honorable do you :) One for Saving a Life

Now scored at 1-2. Winning a Nobel Prize slightly ahead of Saving a Life....more?

Mr Malark said...

I've saved a man's life.

And I think I'd choose the Nobel Prize?

FW said...

I'd rather be recognized for saving a life than winning an award. I admire Feynman's intellect a great deal and if it's good enough for him...