Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bring These Words to Life

A very happy Choose and Defend Wednesday to you, kind Sirs and Madams! I do appreciate you dropping by, yet I am going to send you immediately away. This week's Choose and Defend choice is regarding a destination. Where would you rather go?

An Amusement Park

A Family Reunion

Choose and Defend is very simple.  Simply Choose, uh duh. And Defend your choice because we want to get in that big ol' brain of yours! And that is it. Choose and Defend. Good day.  I said good day!


Secret Agent Woman said...

You obviously haven't met my family. I'm going with the amusement park. Next question?

Mr Malark said...

If I can decide which members of my family attend, the Family Reunion. Otherwise, the Amusement Park. But only then if I can choose the rides that are available.

Otherwise, see you when you get back?

Anonymous said...

Oh lord, what a thing to ask a misanthrope. I'll take amusement park -- at least there are places to hide.

laura b. said...

Secret: haha! Got it. One for Amusement Park.

Mr Malark: You can make all those other choices too! So...going with...One for Family Reunion.

James: You guys are killing me :) Two for Amusement Park.

Everyone: Our sometimes commentor Cindy voted on Twitter! This is allowed :) So as it stands, we have a tie of 2-2. More votes, please?

FW said...

I would prefer the amusement park but only if it could be one I designed! That might take a little bit of time ;-)