Saturday, March 9, 2013

Send a Copy to My Lawyer

Mail is still coming on Saturday for the next few months, but I doubt very much that anyone has sent me a LETTER. Yes, LETTER is the Saturday Scavenger Shots word for this week. It was chosen by Jasen, ruler of Swamp Gas & Moonlit Reflections.
When I got word of the word my first thoughts were postal, I'll admit. Nowadays a hand written LETTER sent snail mail is a rare and wondrous thing! But I've decided to go with a couple of quick snaps of LETTER "art" that I have around my desk at the library.
The LETTER "L" is for lion...and love...and lust...and laura...and lablahblah.
The LETTER "L" looms large in my life :) 
This LETTER "G" came off a long ago cup of coffee. My best bear friend placed it on my 7-Eleven coffee. We call 7-Eleven coffee Gucci coffee because it is so fancy! So, this "G" is for Gucci. It might be counterfeit.
Thank you for coming by to see my LETTER post...not postal. Now, who will Jasen chose to chose? 


Secret Agent Woman said...

Send a copy to my lawyer.

Yeah, now I wil be singing that song all night!

Tara said...

We did it again, thinking about the same song! I've had "Take a Letter Maria" stuck in my head ever since I started thinking of a photo for "letter". :)

Lovely "L" words!

Jasen Buch said...

Such lovely letters and quite the cute usage of a counterfeit G. I just came up with the word off the top of my head. I chose Tara and she chose CAT for the word for the next SSS.

laura b. said...

Secret: It is an earworm :)

Tara: When I thought about it, there are lots of "letter" songs, but that one was blaring in my brain.
Thank you!

Jasen: haha! Nothing like some fake Gucci coffee...or any kind of coffee, really ;)
Great word, love it, I have it up!

Secret Agent Woman said...

I scrolled past this in my feed and the song started up in my head again, so I just had to come back and say - the thing that always struck me about the song was the skeeziness of the singer. I mean, the character in the song. His wife cheated and hes hurt and angry. I get that. But then he blatantly asks his poor secretary to be his revenge-lay. Not nice!

laura b. said...

Secret: Right! I have always imagined that his secretary, who was so sweet, did NOT sweetly agree. I like to imagine her putting him right in his place :)

Secret Agent Woman said...

I sure hope so!