Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I Was Never a Part of It

Choose and Defend Wednesday descends upon us again! This week, I am asking a question that is quite common in 'this or that' talks. But, surprisingly, I have not yet asked it here.

Simply put -



Neither one could be seen as a preference I suppose, but with which condition do you think you'd be better able to cope? Feel free even to mention how you would cope.

Choose and Defend and come again soon!   


Jasen Buch said...

Obviously, neither of these would be a preference to me, but I think I could cope better being blind. As you may be able to tell from my blog this week, I am a big fan of music, and if I lost my ability to hear I would definitely be depressed. I would rather go blind if I really had to choose.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Boy, this is a hard one. Obviously if I were deaf, I'd have to find another line of work. Well, I could still be a psychologist, actually, but just among the deaf community. I'd sure miss music and talking to people. But I think being blind would be far scarier to me, so I'd probably go with deaf. I'd hate to be dependent on others the way you are when you are blind.

3GKnight said...

Dang. Give up music or riding the mc....? I think in order to keep my independence, I choose deaf. Glad I don't have to choose though. said...

I think I'd choose deaf. I'm a much better visual artist than a musician, which isn't saying much, and although the blind have tools for reading and writing I'm too old of a dog to be learning new tricks.

Nope, couldn't do without my eyeballs, at least not happily.

Also, being deaf means never hearing Nickelback.

Tara said...

I'd probably be better going deaf than blind. I'd have to brush up on my sign language, but I think I would be okay.

dmarks said...

The comment two comments above decides it. Blind. Then I'd never see spam again.

laura b. said...

Jasen: There are a few blind musicians, so I reckon you'd be in good company :) One for Blind.

Secret: If I were deaf I would prefer going to a deaf psychologist or at least one who understood sign language. Who'd want to have to speak through an interpreter in that situation? One for Deaf.

3GK: It is very difficult to contemplate either of these! Two for Deaf.

James: I know you are a wonderful visual artist, but would like to hear your musical chops sometime.
Could be the deaf community's slogan - "Deafness! You never have to hear Nickelback." Three for Deaf.

Tara: If you already know some sign language, I think that would be a big advantage. Four for Deaf.

Dmarks: haha! Drat. The spam catcher usually works. This time I had to be the spam catcher! Still going to recognize your choice :) Two for Blind.

Everyone: We have a score of 2-4, with the majority believing they could cope better with deafness. This is a tough one I think...anyone else want to give us their thoughts?

FW said...

Very tough choice this week LB! I'd probably go for being deaf. I guess you can still "feel" the vibrations of sound even if you can't hear them.

laura b. said...

FW: That is true. I think a deaf person with rhythm can still dance :) Five for Deaf.

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