Saturday, March 30, 2013

Not to Be Seen, But to See

I think that Jasen, bloggendado de Swamp Gas & Moonlit Reflections, chose a great Saturday Scavenger Shots word with INSTRUMENT. I like the idea that an INSTRUMENT is really just a means to an end.

All these phrases went through my mind: INSTRUMENT of destruction....of surrrender...of accession...of obediance.... and so on and so forth. And of course there is the musical INSTRUMENT.  Well, that is where I went. Simple and straightforward. And I have pictures :)

Every few weeks, I set out INSTRUMENTs at storytime. It often coincides with times when I don't feel like messing with a craft. We have our little music time as an alternative activity!
The kids get pretty excited to choose an INSTRUMENT. They like being told to play nice and loud! I pick a kid-friendly, rhythmic song and we have a little parade around the room with our INSTRUMENTs.
I've often, although half-heartedly, wished I had learned to play a musical INSTRUMENT. I realize it is not too late, but I'm not sure I'm willing to put in the time and effort. It certainly is not as though I have an iota of natural talent. It would be hard work, as most worthwhile things are. Still, I think about it from time to time and fantasize about looking sexy on a cello or something... 
Okay! Well...let me wish you a Happy Easter, if you indulge and a happy weekend in any case! Keep your INSTRUMENT clean and let's see who Jasen tags for next week.


Secret Agent Woman said...

Keep your instrument clean? Well, where's the fun in that?

I have very little musical talent, but I managed to learn to play trumpet, French horn and baritone tuba in HS band. And a little piano. But I watch how naturally it comes to my kids and am blown away.

Tara said...

I'd love to learn to play the violin, the harp and/or bagpipes. Terrible at reading music, though.

I love that you encourage the kids to play nice and loud on music day, and that you have a parade!

Next word: bubbles.

FW said...

I think that the kids must love to play in your library LB, you always make it sound like it's so much fun there! I've tried to teach myself a few piano songs this year. The hardest part about learning something new is giving it the attention it requires. I leave the piano for a couple of weeks and I seem to forget everything. It comes back quick but I'm like "show me where I start again?" every time.

laura b. said...

Secret: haha! I'm not sure what the fun in that is. Okay...get your instrument filthy :) I admire all that family musicality!

Tara: Bagpipes would be so fun! They seem really hard. I do love telling the kids to be loud in the ilbrary :)
And thanks for the fun word!!!

FW: I like to encourage people to think of the library as a fun place.
I know what you mean about giving new things attention. I am really bad about commiting to something new and really spending the time it deserves.