Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Relief You Didn't Know You Needed

Lately, I have become aware of what a relief it can be when something you didn't even consciously know was bothering you is removed.

For example, when I work the closing shift on Tuesday and either Friday or Saturday, I get to turn off the Self-Check machine we have sitting on a counter at the public desk. 

It is a fairly substantial piece of equipment and when it is on it makes a sort of hum...just a low level sound that is always there. It is easy enough to ignore and it isn't that it is irritating...but when I turn that machine off and the silence falls, well, it is hard to describe the relief I feel!  I always want to moan a bit with pleasure at the non-sound.

I had that same sort of light feeling of relief, like a burden has been lifted, driving home last night when the sun was still out. It isn't like four or five months of the year I suffer terribly driving home in the dark...but again, I become more aware of how I dislike it when it is gone.

I was already thinking about these things when I did something to my knee this morning. My left knee has been hurting on and off, at very low levels, for the past couple of months at least. Nothing too horrible and sometimes not even there, I thought.  But this morning in bed I stretched and felt a sort of painful pop...and my knee is now pain-free in a way of which I am accutely aware. So weird.

I guess this all just goes to show...something. Not entirely sure what, but am willing to hear theories :)


Secret Agent Woman said...

I think you can be aware of an absence just as much as a presence. I know that people will talk about how they didn't realize how unhappy they were until they break up with someone. Or like when your baby finally starts sleeping through the night and you suddenly become aware of how incredibly sleep-deprived you've been.

Tara said...

Your knee just had to add its two cents and now it's fine! Joking aside, though, I'm glad the pain went away!

I know what you mean about driving home in the daylight and the sweet silence that falls when white noise just stops. There's a vent over the reception desk at work that blows air all day. It stops on occasion and the silence is welcoming. The noisy air doesn't get in the way of answering the phones, but it's just....there.

laura b. said...

Secret: It's true. Sometimes it is only after something is over that you wonder how you stood it!

Tara: All those very small irritants. I guess the time without them is a little bonus in the day.

FW said...

An excellently observed post LB! Funny how small changes can make a world of difference isn't it? I sat on the edge of bed this morning and as I put my sock on (one of them at least, because I have two feet) I noticed I was able to without any twinge in my back.