Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

I don't know what to talk about today...a few little things come to mind, so I will just do a listy-list, yo.

- Had a four day weekend recently...last Thursday - Sunday.  It was nice to have the time off, but I scheduled it around my kids' week off from school for Spring break.  I guess I still imagine they are small and are going to hang out with me while they're not at school.  Girlie Girl is 18, so is sleeping  or out.  And Handsome Lad is apparently "just not that into me" at the moment.  He was at his uncle's on Thursday and Friday.  I did take him to his 5K on Saturday, but Sunday he was off doing something.  I know it is somewhat normal, but I also see from other people's blogs that their teenage children are a lot more into spending time together.  Makes me feel bad about myself when my kids don't...makes me wonder what I've done wrong. 

- On the good news side, I feel like I am getting a lot of positive recognition at work...mostly due to the fact that I am pretty accommodating and yeah, after nine years I have the job pretty wired.  I also sometimes get snarky in my own mind and think, "fewer cake parties, more money, please"...but that is NOT going to happen  in the foreseeable future.

- In other work related news, sort of, lately I have been noticing that when I look in the mirrors in the restrooms here at work I look sort of sickly and grey.  It was making me feel sort of sickly and grey.  Then last night I had an epiphany when I looked in the mirror at home and saw that I looked perfectly normal.  It somehow hadn't occured to me that it could just be really bad lighting.  I don't look at myself that much and haven't really learned how to figure out just what I'm seeing.  But anyway, I am going to take the work mirrors with a grain of salt...or something like that.

- I have a countdown clock on my iGoogle homepage for The Return of DR.  Today it is at 42 days.  I know he won't be back in 42 days, but I am keeping the clock as it is anyway, so I can see when that year officially ends.  I know he wants to come back and right now my mind still believes that he will come back.  But it is for sure not going to be in six weeks.  Frankly, I couldn't hazard a guess.   Right now, it doesn't affect how I feel for him or us.  And maybe it won't need to.  Maybe this will be resolved and all will be well.  Right now, I just do not have a clue, aside from the fact that everything is going to take more time.  Damn. 

Aw.  laura b.'s Bummer List, sorta.  I wasn't really planning for that, but you know how these things slip out of control.  Tomorrow will be better :-\


MrManuel said...

The teens will turn around. They always do. Kudos to the great recognition at work! That is awesome. Mirrors suck. I hope he comes back sooner rather than later. What is keeping him?

laura b. said...

MrManuel: I sure hope they do. Thanks for the kind words.
What is keeping him...um, looks like mostly inertia to me. He hasn't done the things he went back there to do.

Tara said...

Congratulations on getting the recognition at work!

Certain lighting can do all sorts of funky thinks. The lighting in my bathroom makes me look yellow, but the lighting in my bedroom turns me back into my usual, pale white skin color. :)

Ananda girl said...

My kids were into me off and on. I think that is normal. But I do understand how that feels.

I often wonder why so many stores have such terrible lighting and mirrors. It does have an affect.

As for DR... sigh. Waiting is always hard. I'm terrible at it.
Keep believing. I know good things are in store for you both!

Churlita said...

I think my youngest mostly wants to hang out with me (very sporadically, I might add) because her sister is gone and I have a boyfriend and she's a little worried that she's kind of drifting about alone. I think it's more of an age thing that they don't want to hang out as much. They're trying to establish independence and once they feel independent enough, they'll come back bugging you for attention.

laura b. said...

Tara: I think work lighting should make you feel good about yourself! I'm going to fill out a comment card. haha!

Ananda: Thanks...I think it is normal too, but I'm sensitive! Love me, please! haha!
Thanks for your kindness. I am trying to be patient and wait for some good stuff.

Churlita: I am feeling all this with the last two in a way I haven't had to yet. I've had kids at my side for 25 years and it is hard to get used to not being the center of anyone's world anymore :-)

Pamela said...

Ah, here it is! I didnt think it was letting me make a comment.
So, it's interesting to have the 'un' magic mirror at work... Perhaps you should install a carnival mirror next!
And, well, life does suck sometimes. At least you guys are still in touch and have hope. Do you do skype? I forget.
And great that you are great at work, oh great one! :-)

secret agent woman said...

It's a rarity these days for the kids to seek me out when I have them, but once in a while it happens. Hope you get some resolution on the DR situation.

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: A carnival mirror would fit in with the atmosphere most afternoons :-)
No skype for us...he is in a very rural area and has DIAL UP! Ugh.
Oh great one....*snicker*

Secret: I just have to keep those rare times in mind when I am feeling ignored.
And thank you...I hope so too.