Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday 5 - A Certain Song

This comes to us from my favorite meme blog, Friday 5.

The author of that blog said:  A certain song from the 1980s has bounced around in my head all evening, so this week’s questions are all inspired by that song! Surely you can tell what it is!

Let's explore, shall we?

1. At what age did you realize you are no longer young? Alternate question: At what age do you think you will no longer be young?   The sensation or perception of being young or old is definitely not static.  Sometimes, believe it or not, I still feel young!  However, I think my first real intimation of leaving youth behind was when I had my first child at 22.  Now that seems very young to me, of course, but at the time I was only aware of being in charge of someone else, so much younger and so dependent on me for everything.
2. What was the longest line you ever had to stand in?
  I can't pin it down in my mind to one, but I'm sure it must have been a ride at Disneyland.  Even though with some extra investment you can avoid some of the lines now, the lines are still often crazy long in amusement parks. 

3. In what way are you especially strong I don't generally think of myself as a particularly strong person.  I guess I mostly think that my real attempts at remaining optimistic and open are what give me the most strength in my life.

4. Who was the last person to inform you that you were wrong?  Yesterday, I posted the wrong date on something on my Facebook page.  One of my friends told me that even though the date and count were off, he still liked the song I chose.

5. When did you last have to bid someone so long A little less than an hour ago, I bid my daughter "so long" as she went off to babysit Love Bug and Little Prince, so that Princess Diva could go on a field trip with Miss Personality.  What a nice auntie!

I hope that some of you will play along in comments or on your blog.  Or, as always, I completely welcome random comments...Blogger takes care of the spam for me :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!  If you feel inspired, post a picture that conveys the word EON for Saturday Scavenger Shots tomorrow.  I am still thinking about it!  Also, if you haven't, go down a post and play Choose and Defend Wednesday with me.  Do it!  Um, please.  Thank you :-)  xx


Tara said...

I hate standing in line for a ride. It just gives me more of an excuse to bail on the scary rides.

I did this week's meme too, I know I've missed a few!

secret agent woman said...

This is a random comment indicating that I have no idea what the song is.

laura b. said...

Tara: I know! People might make fun of you for not wanting to ride something scary, but who is really going to call you out for being impatient in a ridiculous line?
I am hit and miss with these too, but they are usually fun.

Secret: haha! Oh, good! I can now reveal to you that the song is Pat Benatar's "Love is a Battlefield".

secret agent woman said...

Oh, I get it now but I never in a million years would have called that to mind.

Churlita said...

I don't know if I think I'm young still, but I don't feel old at all.

laura b. said...

Secret: I guess I loved me some Pat Benatar right around 1980 or so :)

Churlita: You will be forever youthful and fun!