Saturday, April 2, 2011

In One Ear and Right Out the Other

Saturday and time to place photo(s) on your blog reflecting an idea chosen by a kind volunteer.  It is a game and we call is Saturday Scavenger Shots...or sometimes Saturday Scavenger Hunt.  Something like that.  Um, so this week AlienCG chose the word - DISK.  I somehow first transcribed it as DISC.  Then I decided it didn't mattter, either way, cause that's how I roll. 

I know you won't be completely shocked to learn that I didn't come up with anything terribly unusual.  Also, you will note yet again that I am a very poor photographer.  I like the think I have other skills...but they haven't yet made themselves known to me :-) 

Here's what I have -

This is a digital video DISC of "There's Something About Mary" reclining in the tray of my digital video DISC player.  I watch streaming media as well, but sometimes go for what now seems to be the old school digital video DISC.  By the way, this movie is always hilarious.  Always.

Talk about old school!  Look what I fond lingering at my desk...the now obsolete, yet once tres chic, floppy DISK.   I don't have any kind of computer now that has a place to insert a floppy DISK.  I suppose I will probably hold on to this one, just as a little souvenier of times gone by in the DISK world. 

Thanks for joining me for this look at some DISC / DISK world wonders.  Now, the Alien is entreated to tag someone for next week.  DISCuss among yourselves....


3GirlKnight said...

Wow. The floppy disk. Shouldn't that be in a museum somewhere?

Tara said...

I didn't find "There's Something About Mary" to be funny enough to buy. There were some memorable moments, though.

When I cleared out my old desk at work, I dissected many of those floppy disks you have there.

laura b. said...

3GK: I know, right?

Tara: Oh, that movie is right up there in my comedy pantheon.
People used to leave their floppys in our computers all the time...then thumb it's all about the cloud :-)

secret agent woman said...

My son just found a whole box of 3 1/2 floppies and was so excited. He insist that we get a floppy drive on the home computer. I remember thinking they were such and improvement over th easily bendable 5 1/4s!

laura b. said...

Secret: I remember that too :-) We used to have several boxes here at work, but I think we finally gave them the old heave ho.

Churlita said...

Great discs. I think all I'd have is a pic of a frisbee golf disc.