Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Rehearsed Excuses Late Last Week

It is Saturday and that means it is time for Saturday Scavenger Shots.  This week NoRegrets @ Woman With No Regrets chose the word PROCRASTINATION.  She does like to challenge us!  I honestly, once again, did not know what to put up.  So of course, I put off choosing something...uh, yeah, PROCRASTINATION in action!

I apologize.  I know you have seen enough photos of my wacky desk.  I just thought this would be the most concise way of showing you my methods of PROCRASTINATION.   The internet, reading, coffee, stuff around me just waiting for attention.  My phone woulda been in the photo too, but she was busy taking the photo!

Well.  I hope you all get through the rest of today without too much PROCRASTINATION.  However, since it is Saturday, it is actually a very good day to partake of some PROCRASTINATION.  So go ahead and enjoy!  Thanks for stopping in to waste some time with me :-)


Tara said...

Your desk is interesting, so there's no such thing as too many photos of your desk! :)

Yup, all of those things contribute to us putting things off!

laura b. said...

Tara: Well, there might be, but thank you. I can use just about anything to waste time :)

Pamela said...

Well done! yes, I like to challenge. :-)
Not sure who to pick. Alien?

secret agent woman said...

Your phone is a she?

I think bloggers are, by definition, procrastinators. And I can let virtually anything distract me if there is something I need to do but don't really want to do.

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: You do! And sure, we can toss it Alien's way :-)

Secret: Sure she is!

And I suspect you make a good point about bloggers and procrastination.

Churlita said...

Nice procrastination items. This was a challenging word. good job.