Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Beasts

This is a picture of most of us together on Easter.  I'm not sure why it was taken from so far back...maybe that is for the best :-)   Kick Back Dude is doing a weird Dr. Evil thing,  Little Prince is kind of hidden, and Social Animal is standing on a rock or something to be the tallest brother.  It was a fun day, though.   As I've mentioned many times, it can be very hard to get most of us in one place at one time, so I am always pleased when it works out.  My dad and stepmom hosted an Easter lunch, plus an egg hunt for the little ones.   We are secular people, so this holiday is pretty much an excuse to have a nice meal together.

The high points of the day were probably the drive up and back, because car talk is fun.  Also, of course, watching the grands hunt their plastic eggs.  So cute :-)

The low point of the day was when my dad cried showing us where he recently buried their beloved cat Muffy.  They had her for 19 years.  I've never seen he and his wife as upset over anything.  However, it was somehow reassuring to know they are capable of deep feeling. 

The kids would say another low point was the video from my aunt's 80th birthday that they showed.  I thought it was kind of cute though. 

I am looking at my schedule for this week and it is looking weird.  Next week, I am scheduled for jury duty.  The last two times I've been scheduled I never even had to go in.  Fingers crossed that my luck holds! 

Hope you all had a good Easter, if you celebrate or just a good weekend in any event.  How is your week looking?  Weird?  Or is that just me? 


secret agent woman said...

Lately, all my weeks seem to look weird.

I've only been called for jury duty once, but I had to be in the jury for two trials that time.

"However, it was somehow reassuring to know they are capable of deep feeling." Hmm, says the shrink.

Casual Practitioner said...

Did somebody have to set the timer and run to join the group, or are we missing somebody...haha. That sounds like a perfect day.

19 years? Wow. That is a long friendship. I bet that cat was the coolest.

BrightenedBoy said...

Glad to hear you had a nice Easter. Mine was a welcome respite from a lot of work and stress at school. I just want this damn semester to be over.

Tara said...

I love the family photo, it shows everyone's fun characters. :)

I'm so sorry about your dad's cat. Knowing me and how sentimental I get about pets, I would've cried right along with them without even knowing Muffy. Wow, 19 years was a good long life for her!

Good luck with jury duty! Definitely keeping my fingers crossed that you don't have to go. However, if you do, just imagine the "Law and Order" theme song in your head. :)

MrManuel said...

How cool to have everyone together, especially since you said it doesn't happen that often. Bummer for the crying though.

NoRegrets said...

Glad you had a great day. And stupid photos are the best. My brother sent one around of us from lonnng ago to celebrate my other brother's bday - he looked stoned in it. And we held up a photo of my sister because she couldn't be there. and my dad looked like a bum. Ah, maybe I should put it up on FB.

laura b. said...

Secret: For years I got out of jury duty with kid duty. Lately, I get the letter every other year or so.
haha! Well, my dad and I have a relationship that is complicated, but somehow simple too. I pretty much know what to expect with him and it isn't a whole lot :-) But he is my dad.

Casual: We tried a couple on a timer, but kept messing up. This one was taken by my ex, WTG. I was okay with him not being in the picture.
I think Muffy was nice. She was smart enough to hide whenever we came over.

BB: Just a few more weeks! Sorry it has been trying. After this how much longer until you complete your Bachelors?

Tara: haha! It does show quite a bit of character.
19 years is long time to have another living creature in your life, human or not. My dad kept apologizing, but as I say, I felt it was a normal way to react!
If I get called in to jury duty next week, I will definitely play the L&O theme song in my head :-D

MrManuel: It really was a great treat for me. The crying was quite unexpected, but understandable. My granddaughter, Love Bug, was quite moved by the whole episode...rather sweet.

NoRegrets: Oh, you should definitely FB that photo! Sounds great :-) Those photo opportunities with big families are priceless.

AlienCG said...

Easter is pretty much the same thing for my family. We get together, eat, talk and have a good day together.

My week has been going well and I am still working a job and a half. Life will hopefully calm down a bit, soon.

I am trying to get myself back to the blog reading. It's a bit tough these days, but I'm trying. I also know I have lost DWtS for this season.

Churlita said...

Nice looking beasts you got there.

I'm about as secular as you can get, so I hear you.

I hope for weird weeks every week....And I usually get them.

laura b. said...

AlienCG: Always good to see you. I know you are very busy...blogging will be around when you get to it :-)
And yes, we have said good-bye to Chris Jericho. I can't believe you knew that!

Churlita: Aw, thanks! I am looking for some less weird weeks...or weird, but in better ways. Here's hoping!