Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday 5 - Hoops

Time for some Friday 5 awesomeness!  Quick on the draw, Tara has hers up already, so be sure to check it out.  Clearly all the coolest people are doing it, so you should be too!  :-)  Or not.  Really, I'm just glad to see you.   Let's talk hoops.

1.When did you last feel you were required to jump through meaningless hoops to get something you wanted?  Happened all the time back when I was married.  Nowadays, it doesn't happen so often and when it does it isn't personal, just inconvenient.  I can, as a general rule, live with those sorts of hoops.  And feel lucky that I haven't been tested like that too recently.

2.What kinds of hula hoop memories do you have?  I do remember having a hula hoop and being good at it...most little kids are, because they're so loosey goosey or something.  I also remember when we had our Modern Dance unit in 9th grade PE and we learned a dance that involved a hoop.  Ah, good times!  A couple of years ago, they were having a hula hoop contest at one of our company picnics.  I didn't enter, because I was afraid of looking stupid.  I'm sure I would have, but really, who would have cared?  Next time, I'll try to remember that.

3.How do you feel about basketball? I used to like it when my kids played basketball.  It was one of the faster moving games they participated in.  It could get a little aggressive, but then most sports can.  I guess that is sort of one of the points of sports.  I like a game of h.o.r.s.e. as well as the next guy, but my dribbling could use some work.

4.What do you think of hoop earrings?  I have pierced ears, but sort of gave up on earrings when I had babies.  Considering my baby baby is almost 13, I'd probably be safe to go back to them, but meh.  Anyway...hoops... There are the little demure ones, which are sweet, and the ones as big as your head which are hoochie.  So either way, totally cool.  I give hoop earrings two lobes up!

5.What’s your favorite Whoopi Goldberg movie?  I'm going to have to get in the Way-Back Machine and go with "The Color Purple".   Yeah.  That was a good movie, remember?

Hope you enjoyed (w)hooping it up with I'ma get in my hoopty and book it on outta here.  Let's all have ourselves a fab weekend!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Am Not a Monster!

Dang, there was this whole thing on my Facebook page.  I updated my status last night after dinner so that everyone would know about my delicious meal.  People want to know this stuff, right?    Anyway, apparently there was some confusion over mahi mahi, which I believe is cleared up now.  One of my friends basically chastised me for eating Flipper.  Geez!  Still, it made me laugh and prepare a tutorial should this arise again somehow. 

Okay, here is a mahi mahi:

It is sometimes called a dolphin fish, but it is NOT, in fact, an actual dolphin.  It is more like a tuna or something.   And it is delicious.  Last night at Sergio's it was par-tic-u-lar-ly delicious.  I didn't take a photo, but it was along these lines:

Yummy and not at all evil.  Mine actually came with refried beans and Spanish rice. 

So, in conclusion, I am not a monster.  It is true, I am not vegan.  For some, that might qualify me for monsterhood.  But at least I did not chow down on Flipper.

Thank you for your support.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And Baby, You Be Sweet

I have to say, this week has been a little rough.  Not a lot, but sometimes even a little feels like too much.  So, I thought I'd give myself a bit of a treat on this Choose and Defend Wednesday.    Let's indulge our sweet teeth...even better our imaginary sweet teeth!  You had a delicious meal.  But there is room for dessert this time!  Yay!  I'm afraid at my bistro you don't get a ton of choices, but you do have a choice, of course.  Wouldn't be Choose and Defend without a choice!  And please, feel free to elaborate about your choice as much as you wish.  Details are delicious. 

So, okay sweetie, what'll it be?



Choose and Defend!  You dessert destiny depends upon it!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Expect Nothing Less

Sometimes the week just starts off at a run and doesn't let up.  This appears to be one of those weeks.  It isn't bad exactly, just very, very busy.  Given the employment climate, I should probably grateful to be kept busy...I must be needed, right?   We have all felt a bit stretched here in Children's Services, but they have finally begun the process of hiring a new Librarian.  We've been short staffed since the Drifter had her meltdown/blowup a few months ago.  And even before that, she was not exactly THERE.  However, if things go as planned we will have someone fabulous on board within a couple of months.  I know there are a lot of good people out of work so I am hoping we are able to get ourselves someone amazing.  That's right, I expect nothing less than amazing!  

I think part of the reason I am feeling extra frazzled is that I don't feel like I had much of a weekend.  I never do when I work Saturday.  In some ways it is nice having Friday off a couple of times per month, but I like it less now that DR is around.  I want my regular weekend with him more than that Friday free time.  Greedy.  Although, he has a couple of employment prospects that could change all that around anyway.  So, I guess it is a big blank canvas right now and we'll have to wait and see what sort of masterpiece appears.  That's right, I expect nothing less than a masterpiece!  

Anyway, we did end up babysitting Saturday night.  Just Little Prince, as it turned out.  Miss Personality stayed with WTG, and Love Bug is his mom's special favorite, so she went there.  Little Prince was not entirely well and had a very restless night.  We all ended up camped out in the livingroom.  It just seemed easiest.  But there was not as much sleeping going on as I would have liked.   By early afternoon Sunday, everyone was at my place.  DR and I had decided we weren't going to do anything else that day.  We just wanted to relax.  But my cruel children really wanted our company at lunch (or the company of my debit card?  It's unclear).  In any event, they had the little guys chanting, "Grandma, grandma, grandma...."  Of course I gave in.  It was oddly flattering, I admit, no matter what the reason.  And DR was very understanding and went along nicely.  So, we had a nice late lunch together and then finally went our separate ways.  It was a good day, but required an early evening nap.  I was happy, though, that DR was able to stay another night.  That was superb.  That's right, I expect nothing less than superb!  

I made it through Monday madness and even went out to a movie with Princess Diva after work.  By the way, if you were considering The Lovely Bones, feel free to give it a pass.  I had a lot of running around to do this morning before work...Tuesday is my late day when storytimes are going on.  And now I am settling into the day and apparently writing quite the tome.  That's right, I expect nothing less that a tome!  

Thanks for reading and reading and reading.  You are all the cat's pajamas and, of course, I expect nothing less :-)  

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Unfair Labor Practices in My Life

All week it has been stormy.  For the time being, though, it has passed.  Yay!  I felt sad that my view of this lovely day was enjoyed on the way to be shut up indoors all day at work.  Still, I can see the sunshine outside of the window and when I go out to my car later I won't have to deal with puddles on the floor.  Awesome. Blue skies, baby, blue skies.

Someone got clever with their stencil and spray paint at this pay phone.   Cute!  Artists will no doubt continue to find it harder and harder to actually locate pay phone stands to decorate.   Will they start running up to people on the street, grabbing their cell phones and going to work on them?  Hm.

Here is the fine, upstanding meal that I had to start my deskbound day.  Thanks to the 7-Eleven with the cool pay phone out front I am able to enjoy coffee and a bagel.  It isn't a day in the sunshine and fresh air, but it is something warm at least.  *sigh*

So far, even being at work, my day is going just fine.  Of course it is still early, but I am optimistic.  You know how I enjoy my optimism!  I am looking forward to seeing DR this evening.  We might be babysitting.  I don't much care what we is more fun if DR is here.  And tomorrow, as far as I know, is all ours! 

Hope you all are having a good weekend too.  Now, go get 'em, tigers!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday 5 - Personal Adds

 The view this morning.  Guh.

Hello happy Friday people.   Glad to be able to report that I am having a fine day off, in spite of the gloomy weather.   I got the bulk of my chores done first thing this morning, so that by the time Handsome Lad got out of school at 12:30 we could just goof off.  We had a nice Chinese take out lunch and then when out to our favorite hang out....Barnes & Noble.  We love us some books.  Working in a library makes it hard for me to buy books, but I was feeling saucy today and made a purchase of two.  Good times.

Now, how about a little Friday 5?  We deserve it, don't you think.  Join in the good times, por favor!

 1.  What’s your favorite “just add water!” food?  Well, if that means just cook it for ten minutes in boiling water, I'd go with any kind of pasta.  You can't go wrong there, really.

2.  What’s your favorite thing to add vinegar to?   Well, I like malt vinegar on my fish and chips.  So I will go with that...vinegar-y fish!

3.  What’s something weird you’ve added to normal food?  I don't think it is that weird, but some people think it is weird that I am willing to put ranch dressing on just about anything.  Is that weird?

4.  What’s your favorite thing to add whipped cream to?  That's a pretty personal question!  Humph!, I see....then let's go with strawberries.  Strawberries.     

5.  What’s something you refuse to add anything to, even though most people add something?  My tastes are not too outside of the norm I'd say.  I guess what comes to mind is that many people like their coffee with a little something sweet  and/or creamy.  I wouldn't go so far as to say I refuse these additions, but I do l.o.v.e. strong black coffee, pure and unadulterated. 
    Thanks for adding your presence to my day, and may days be added to your weekend!

    Thursday, January 21, 2010

    Me and the Fonz

    I was so excited to get to meet Henry Winkler at the library yesterday evening.  He came over to give a little talk after one of our Classical Concerts.  He writes a series of children's books about Hank Zipzer, a young overachieving underachiever, and he often goes out to talk about how he succeeded in spite of his dyslexia.  Given the HUGE crowd, I fled before the concert.  I did, however, get to meet Mr. Winkler briefly while he was just hanging out in the conference room.  As you can see, I got a photo with him.  I was completely dorked out by his presence.  Even more than I usually am.  I told him I loved all of his work, but was a special fan of Arrested Development.  He was very kind and warm.  Fortunately, in spite of being all goobered out, I did at least look super in my Sebastien original.  haha! 

    Henry Winkler is probably the famous person I've been most excited to meet.  (I haven't met many famous people, but admit it...he is awesome!)  Tell me about your brushes with greatness!

    Wednesday, January 20, 2010

    There'll Be Spandex Jackets, One for Everyone.

    Today, Wednesday, is yesterday's future.  Also, today is Choose and Defend Wednesday.  Let's put these ideas together, like the peanut butter and the chocolate, and see what happens.  See...we were promised things as we grew up.  Very special futuristic things.  So far, things haven't been quite as visualized.  But what if we got something.  What vision from the future would you most like to have (Choose) and why (Defend)?

    Do you want your...

    Flying Car


    Robot Servant

    The future is now!  Choose and Defend!

    Tuesday, January 19, 2010

    Mind, Body, Spirit, Blogthings.

    You Are Spirit

    You are resilient, hopeful, and inspiring. You have a lot of emotional, physical, and mental energy.

    You nurture and nourish yourself. You know that you need fulfillment and downtime if you want to be your best.

    You stay present in every moment. You don't allow yourself to be distracted or flustered.

    You appreciate the life you have been given. You embrace all that is beautiful in the world.

    Monday, January 18, 2010

    Are You Engaged? Fully Engaged?

    Today, in honor of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.our library participated in an InfoPeople seminar called "Fully Engaged Customer Service".    Sure, we could have had a day off, as most other library employees do, but we thought Dr. King would have wanted it this way.

    Here is what I learned:

    1.  People LOVED my Je mange les petits enfants Sebastien original tee.  It was the hit of the gathering.

    2. Customers don't like it when you are not really "there" for them.  So, you know, don't be like that.

    3. If you pay attention a group of 12 people can keep 8 beanie babies in the air between them.  Awesome.

    4. People will put up with just about anything if you provide a meal and snacks both before and after said meal.

    5. The Governator made weird grunting noises 324 times, that I heard and recorded, between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm.

    Sounds like quite a bit of info to pick up, I know.  But I am one of the sharpest tools in the shed, just saying.  I hope the rest of you had a nice extra day off...or if you had to work, at least I hope you worked in a bit of fun :-)

    Friday, January 15, 2010

    Friday 5 - Misses

    It's Friday.  TGIF?  Uh, yeah, definitely.  It has been a fine week, but I'm just tired out.  Sleeping in sounds amazing.  Now here, for your perusal, is my Friday 5.  I know a couple of you already have yours up on your blog, so yay!  If you don't, feel free to join in on your blog or in comments. 

    1.What’s something you frequently misplace?  I have gotten a LOT better about not misplacing objects.  More often, lately, it seems I misplace my sense of perspective or something.  I'm always reminding myself to take a step back :-)

    2.For whom are you often mistaken?   Huh.  See for yourselves.   It is quite the challenge :-)

    3.When were you last misinformed about something important?  I honestly can't remember the last time I was misinformed about something important.  I am provided with pretty accurate information it seems!  And if there is a mistake, I think it is more often on my end. 

    4.Where in your home do you have a seemingly random collection of miscellanea?  One kitchen drawer and the desk in my livingroom....and maybe my closet.

    5.Upon meeting someone for the first time, what qualities in the other person are likely to cause you to misjudge him or her? Sometimes I mistake shyness for aloofness.  Which is stupid, because I am sure people do that same exact thing to me. 

    May your weekend be more hit than miss, all you missies and misters!

    Thursday, January 14, 2010

    Poetry A-Z

    I love a good writing exercise and this one was a lot of fun.  I wrote a 26 line poem (to use the term loosely) using the alphabet.   You could do it too...or you could do some other sort of acrostic, like the letters of your name or whatever!  

    Almost the weekend,
    Banking on it now....
    Clock watching, calender peering,
    Don't do it!
    Everyone knows that
    Fortune laughs,
    Grins, giggles,
    Has itself a chuckle
    If it catches you
    Just watching and waiting,
    Killing precious time,
    Lurking instead of participating.
    Make an effort!
    No sitting back
    Only observing.
    Partake of life!
    Quit? Never.
    Renew what is yours,
    Soul and spirit.
    Tenacity will provide
    Vision and shall
    Welcome the figurative
    X-ray of your being.
    You know...

    Hope you are having a good Thursday.  I am trying :-)

    PS- I found that drawing online and it couldn't be more perfect.   I love it.  Now it is MINE.  haha! comes from HERE.  Credit where credits is due and all that...  but the poem is mine :-D

    Wednesday, January 13, 2010

    It's Compromise That Moves Us Along

    There are a couple of things that we tend to invoke when we feel like someone is maybe trying to be a little bit too bright and cheery.  They live opposite our darker sides.  For this Choose and Defend Wednesday, I am going to ask you to look into puffy clouds of your soul and Choose the one that makes you smile (or, I know you bittertons, maybe throw up in your mouth a little) even during your darkest days.  Defend your choice.  Why, I ask you, why?

    Smile!  Today the world is all...




    Choose and Defend and take a walk on the bright side.

    Tuesday, January 12, 2010

    Three Wishes for 2010

    This is an Eclectic Holiday post.  It is they day to list three wishes for the coming year, so here I am all ready to place my order :-)  I guess I won't wish for the obvious things, like my family's health and safety.  I mean, that is a given, right?  I thought maybe I'd take this time to try and be a little more creative or something...
    More like a magic Genie situation than a prayer, if you see what I am saying.

    1.  I wish I could get by with less sleep.  I need more time!  And I want it without that inconvenient exhausted feeling that comes the next day when I try to get it by just ignoring the conventions of "bed time".

    2.  I wish I could advance in my field without spending a great deal of time and money getting a Masters degree to do work that I already do.  I don't want to devalue librarianship, but so much of it can be learned on the job.  I'd love to get paid for the work I do, in spite of only having a Bachelors.

    3.  I wish I could fly.  I've always wished it and I'm not giving up on the dream now!

    I've always liked the saying - If wishes were horses, then beggers would ride.   Sure these things are probably not going to happen in 2010...but dreaming is free and so is wishing.  What are your three wishes?    

    Monday, January 11, 2010

    Thinking My Good Thoughts

    I can't believe it is Monday again already.   I think I am somewhat tired, so I have a little bit of that cotton-headed feeling going on.  It is actually rather pleasant, as though I am lightly sedated :-)

    It was a fine weekend.  I had my busy Saturday at work.  Saturday evening I met DR over at Kick Back Dude's house.  Princess Diva made us delicious tacos and burritos for dinner.  After the kids went to bed we played Taboo.  I'm not sure if I've mentioned it here or not, but in my family we aren't really into games.  I'm not entirely sure why...we just...say no!  But DR loves games and Princess Diva does too.  And playing Taboo did turn out to be fun, even though Kick Back Dude and I were the weakest links.  We kept switching partners, but you was clear who the stronger players were :-)  Very late night, but as I said, fun.

    Sunday was a quiet day at home.  I cannot extol the virtues of a peaceful afternoon spent doing nothing more taxing than catching up with the DVR and holding hands with someone you lurve.  In the evening, after DR headed for home, I took Handsome Lad to Barnes and Nobel.  He is very into art right now.  His Christmas was mostly about art supplies (and clothes...he loves clothes).  Anyway, he wanted to go look at the art books and I am always up for the bookstore.  He ended up choosing a book on drawing the human figure, which he claims is where his interest lies, but that could be true of most 12 year old boys...  He also chose a skateboarding magazine and a sketch pad.  I wanted to buy many things, but have a heard time purchasing books.  I mean, I work in a library.  It feels silly to pay money for things that, at least in theory, I could get for free.  That is why I love getting books as gifts.  If someone else gets it for me, I don't have to have that conflicted feeling.  Just saying.

    This morning, I was suprised to hear from WTG.  He was only calling though, to see if I knew something he knew...or if he'd get to tell me.  I guess yesterday sometime, Princess Diva decided to go off to Illinois to visit a friend.  She loaded the children up in the car and off they went.  I hadn't heard a word.  Not that they need to consult me, but I felt sort of...surprised, I guess.   I'm not sure how WTG heard...I assume Kick Back Dude called him.  I just had to laugh and say, well, no I hadn't heard anything about it, my goodness.  So, I guess she and the kids will be gone for at least the next couple of weeks.  Makes me a little blue, truthfully.  Some weeks I see them a lot and it can get overwhelming almost.  But the thought of them being so far away for so long does make me sad. 

    Otherwise, today is fine, moving quickly.  DR has a job interview today and I am feeling really positive about it.   So, as the title of this post says, I am thinking my good thoughts....for him and for Princess Diva and the kids traveling and for anyone else who could use some.

    Here is a short quiz to see if you were paying attention...
    Which Taboo was at our gathering on Saturday night?  Was it:
     A) Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas?  Or was it
    B) Taboo the Game of Unspeakable Fun? 

    Saturday, January 9, 2010

    Gooey Goodness

    Whew.  Got through the madness that is storytime registration in Arcadia.  I think it has reached the status of competitive sport by this time.  Now it is a bit quieter here, so I can slack a little and do a quick post.  I don't really have any great breaking news.  Shocking, I know.  I thought I'd just give us all a couple of cute things to look at.

    Here is the Kick Back Dude family's new kitten, Tiger.  He is getting ready to attack Princess Diva's ponytail.  He is very cute and I fear for his life over there with those children.  haha! (sort of)

    Here is Love Bug.  We hung out at the Big Tree Park for awhile yesterday while her mama took Little Prince to get some of his innoculations taken care of.  Poor guy had to get five!  But me and Love Bug had a good time looking for bears and dinosaurs.  Isn't she cute?

    Hope you are all having a great weekend and are following your bliss.  And if you like, tell me about the cutest thing you saw this weekend :-)  My comment area will be tickled pink.   

    Friday, January 8, 2010

    Friday 5 - Last Resorts

    Welcome to Friday....TGIF, amirite?  Thought I would go ahead and post a Friday 5 and see what makes it's way out of the is the closet, by the way, from yesterday's Taraday :-)

    Now...Q&A with me, laura b.  I hope you'll feel compelled to fess up as comment, on your blog, wherevs.

    1.  What’s something you wear only when you’re just about out of clean clothes?  I have this one pair of brown pants that I only wear if I am feeling unable to bear being constricted and everything acceptable is in the hamper.  They are unattractive, but feel pretty good.

    2.  Who’s someone you hang out with only if nobody else is available?  I honestly don't think I have anyone like that.  If they are not someone I'd hang out with under usual circumstances, then I just don't hang out with them.  A little alone time isn't SUCH a bad thing....

    3.  What’s something you eat only when the budget is really, really tight?  Hm.  I guess what I almost always have in the cupboard, but don't eat all that much when there is other stuff, is ramen noodles.  They are good to have on hand, and I like knowing that sometimes, if there is a sale, I can get four or five packs for $1.

    4.  Who’s someone you call for help only if you absolutely must?  Anyone.  I don't like to have to ask for help.  I sometimes feel like I am the one one always asking for help rather than being the one who gives the help.  But, you know, sometimes you just need help.  The one person I try really hard not to call upon is WTG.  No surprise there.  Sometimes he is the only logical choice, but it kills me.

    5.  What’s something you’ll watch on television only because it’s slightly better than watching nothing?  Sometimes when I've toured the dial and there is literally nothing I truly want to watch, but I need the tv on for whatever reason, I will just sort of randomly choose a movie and let it roll.  Sometimes I have ended up being pleasantly surprised.  Sometimes, I mourn that hour or two, gone forever, and nothing but a lingering feeling of ick or ennui to show for it...

    And there you have last resorts.  Happy Friday, happy weekend, let's go out there and win one for the fans!

      Thursday, January 7, 2010

      Some of My Baggage is Actual Baggage

      I was trying to think of what to write about today, so when I was unable to find any scary angst or secret urges to catalog my most current activities, I consulted the Eclectic Calendar.  Today's Taraday is supposed to be about showing a picture of the inside of your clothes closet.  As usual, I had not planned ahead, so I have no picture of that little treat.  But tomorrow's Taraday is about showing or talking about the contents of your purse.  Hey, I can do that!  So, here.  Have a look. 

      Here is my regular purse.  I've been carrying this same one for nearly a year now, come to think of it. 
      It isn't too large and I wear it bandolier style and off we go.

      I sat down and emptied it out on my desk.  Nothing humiliating, yay!  Let's see...little ibuprophen container, scrunchy, wallet, Altoids, note paper, daughter's spare car key, card carrier, Starbucks gift card, hardware store coupon, pay stubs, checks (which I pretty much only use now for rent payment).

      This is what I call my baglady bag.  I don't have it everywhere I go,
      but I do usually carry it back and forth between work and home.

      The inside is a deep, dark mess.  There is always a book or two in there...sometimes mail
      or other paperwork...a notebook for those special inspirational moments, um....
      random little snacks (for my grandkids!  Really!  haha! )...a bag with some grooming items...
      and that is all I could actually name without going excavating.  No spelunking today :-)

      I hope you have enjoyed this look at the actual baggage that I bring to the table.  Not nearly as tedious as the baggage in my head, right?  What's in your bag, baby?

      Wednesday, January 6, 2010

      Sisters, Don't Be Shy. Let Your Body Get Loose, You Ain't Too Fat to Fly.

      Have you come prepared?  Prepared to Choose?  Prepared to Defend?  I certainly hope so, because once again it is Choose and Defend Wednesday.  Let's play.  Now, we know you all real cool cats.  Me-ow.  But how do you cool cats fly?  What's your thang?

      Are you...

      An Early Bird


      A Night Owl

      When do you come out and do all of your best work and have your brightest ideas and feel most like the true you?  Tell us all about it.  It feels good to share.  And it feels great to justify your position.  So, come on now, and Choose and Defend!  

      Tuesday, January 5, 2010

      If It's Not Rough, It Isn't Fun

      Join me in welcoming our latest incarnation of the library hamster - Hamster Gaga.  Somewhere between sex-ay and scare-ay. 

      So, here we are moving briskly into this new year.   It was hard coming back to work after having ten days off.  Getting up early again was the worst.  I fully used my vacation time for rest and relaxation.   I got to spend some good time with the family and a little too much alone time....that always leads to no good.   I would say that I am a person who genuinely craves solitary time.  Yet when I get too much of it at once it makes me way too introspective in a non-productive way.   You've all seen the products of that here!  Oh, lawd, she's whining again over there.  Quick, someone go keep her company!  Ask her to run an errand or something!  

      Still, all in all, it was very good.  DR and I had a nice weekend together.  Our NYE was quiet, but I was so glad to just be with him.  We were watching The Dark Knight when the new year officially rolled around.  Maybe it will become a tradition...I can think of worse ones :-)  

      Friday we went to the movies and saw Up in the Air .  I really liked it, but felt vaguely dissatisfied with the ending.  I couldn't put my finger on what I wanted resolved, but something about it left me feeling a little off.  But again, it was a good movie and I love George Clooney more and more the older he gets. 

      Saturday involved an afternoon at the park with Kick Back Dude and his clan.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day.  Not at all January-ish, whatever that means.  Afterwards, DR and I did a little shopping.  He got Girlie Girl a little b-day present and also got the first season of How I Met Your Mother on dvd.  I think he has all the other seasons, this one just got left behind in the move, I think.  Or maybe all of them did, I don't know.  But since I haven't seen but a couple episodes ever, and he really likes it, I am going to make my way through it.  There is no reason I don't watch it.  Totally my kind of show...just one of those things that never made it into the rotation. 

      Sunday we had a loud lunch at Applebee's with the KBD's and Girlie Girl.  It was kind of a pre-birthday thing for Girlie Girl, but not really.  DR and I hit the dollar store for cheap candy (for anyone who'll eat it) and super cheap energy drinks (for him...I find energy drinks pretty universally undrinkable).  Then we came home and worked on some Ken Ken puzzles together until it was time for him to head out.  

      It is a glamorous life, I know, flossy, flossy.  Honestly, though, things are good.  DR needs to find a job.  He is stressed about not working, which I fully understand. Hopefully, soon, for his sake.  I know it will probably mean that I will see less of him, possibly substantially less,  but that is the price that working folk pay.   

      In summary, so far, 2010 is off to a fine start.   I guess that could have just been my whole post...but then I wouldn't have gotten to do all this muttering to myself, and writing, and linking, and pondering.  All stuff I really enjoy, so it was worth it, right?  Right?  Right.      

      Monday, January 4, 2010

      Happy 17th to My One and Only

      You know me.  I am the lady with lots of kids.  Well five...kind of lots these days, I guess.  But of the five, only one of these children sports the XX.  One lone girl.  And today, she turns 17!  I can scarcely believe it!

      Here is Girlie Girl getting her little name tagged pinned on for her first day of preschool.  That makes her about 3½ in this photo. 

      I remember the day Girlie Girl was born very well.   It was a Monday and I was just returning the two oldest boys to school following winter break.  Kick Back Dude was in first grade, Secret Agent Man was a Kindergartner, and Social Animal was just 3 and still at home.  Everyone had a little laugh that I was still pregnant and I was told I didn't look too hot.  Well, I wasn't feeling so hot that morning.  I took Social Animal and went to my sister's house.  We had arranged a playdate for SA and my nephew.  Soon it became clear that new baby was on the way, so my sister drove us all off to the hospital.  I don't remember a lot about the drive and checking in, but I do remember Social Animals little face when they whisked me away in my wheelchair.  My sister told me he said, "My mom is coming back, right?"  Aw!

      Ah, well, the baby came along, as babies do.  Pregnancy and delivery were never an issue for me.  Some would say more's the pity.  Perhaps a little trouble would have slowed me down.  But Girlie Girl came into the world in the best kind of uneventful way, about four hours after I was admitted to the hospital.  We had been told that we were probably having a girl...when they did the one sonogram that you were allowed back in those days, they didn't see any boys parts...that was as much as they'd commit to.  haha!  It was extra exciting having a girl following three of a kind.  Everyone in the extended family had the grace and generosity to be quite happy, in spite of the fact that she was number four.  :-)

      Girlie Girl has turned out to be more of a blessing than I could have predicted.  She and I are very different people, but as she's grown up we've become friends.  Of course, I am a mom first, but we really have a good relationship.  I admire her strong sense of self, her ease with people, and her quick, hilarious sense of humor.  Having four brothers hasn't always been easy for her.  She wasn't really looked on as a little princess by her brothers.  She was just another kid to do battle with, really.  And she gives as good as she gets.  I can't help but think that it will serve her well in life, in general.  Boys are no mystery to her, as they were and sometimes still are to me.   I cannot wait to see what she will decide to do with her life.  Right now, she is very interested in Nursing.  She goes to work with her uncle several times a year to his job as a Trauma Nurse in a large county hospital and LOVES it.  I think she'd be good at it, but who knows what the future will bring.  She really can do whatever she wants.


      Here is Girlie Girl on the first day of school this year.  She is a Junior.  Still cute, blonde, and ready to take on whatever is sent her way.

      Happy Birthday to my one and only Girlie Girl.  I want to be just like her when I grow up.