Tuesday, January 5, 2010

If It's Not Rough, It Isn't Fun

Join me in welcoming our latest incarnation of the library hamster - Hamster Gaga.  Somewhere between sex-ay and scare-ay. 

So, here we are moving briskly into this new year.   It was hard coming back to work after having ten days off.  Getting up early again was the worst.  I fully used my vacation time for rest and relaxation.   I got to spend some good time with the family and a little too much alone time....that always leads to no good.   I would say that I am a person who genuinely craves solitary time.  Yet when I get too much of it at once it makes me way too introspective in a non-productive way.   You've all seen the products of that here!  Oh, lawd, she's whining again over there.  Quick, someone go keep her company!  Ask her to run an errand or something!  

Still, all in all, it was very good.  DR and I had a nice weekend together.  Our NYE was quiet, but I was so glad to just be with him.  We were watching The Dark Knight when the new year officially rolled around.  Maybe it will become a tradition...I can think of worse ones :-)  

Friday we went to the movies and saw Up in the Air .  I really liked it, but felt vaguely dissatisfied with the ending.  I couldn't put my finger on what I wanted resolved, but something about it left me feeling a little off.  But again, it was a good movie and I love George Clooney more and more the older he gets. 

Saturday involved an afternoon at the park with Kick Back Dude and his clan.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day.  Not at all January-ish, whatever that means.  Afterwards, DR and I did a little shopping.  He got Girlie Girl a little b-day present and also got the first season of How I Met Your Mother on dvd.  I think he has all the other seasons, this one just got left behind in the move, I think.  Or maybe all of them did, I don't know.  But since I haven't seen but a couple episodes ever, and he really likes it, I am going to make my way through it.  There is no reason I don't watch it.  Totally my kind of show...just one of those things that never made it into the rotation. 

Sunday we had a loud lunch at Applebee's with the KBD's and Girlie Girl.  It was kind of a pre-birthday thing for Girlie Girl, but not really.  DR and I hit the dollar store for cheap candy (for anyone who'll eat it) and super cheap energy drinks (for him...I find energy drinks pretty universally undrinkable).  Then we came home and worked on some Ken Ken puzzles together until it was time for him to head out.  

It is a glamorous life, I know, flossy, flossy.  Honestly, though, things are good.  DR needs to find a job.  He is stressed about not working, which I fully understand. Hopefully, soon, for his sake.  I know it will probably mean that I will see less of him, possibly substantially less,  but that is the price that working folk pay.   

In summary, so far, 2010 is off to a fine start.   I guess that could have just been my whole post...but then I wouldn't have gotten to do all this muttering to myself, and writing, and linking, and pondering.  All stuff I really enjoy, so it was worth it, right?  Right?  Right.      


Ananda girl said...

Sounds like a wonderful life to me!

Tara said...

I always love reading about your thoughts and your family! Keep it up!

Your start to the New Year sounds awesome. I need to visit Applebee's again, I love their food.

I've never seen "How I Met Your Mother" but because of you I've actually given "The Office" and "My Name is Earl" a second chance! They are funny, I just haven't caught up on regular scheduling.

MrManuel said...

Sounds like a busy, yet peaceful time at the same time. In all, everything sounds fun (well, except watching Dark Knight on NYE).

I really want to see Up In The Air. As we always see all the movies nominated for Best Picture, I have a feeling we will have to eventually anyways.

crazy4coens said...

Your hampster really does look like Lady Gaga! I thought, now that looks really familiar, what is it? and then I read what you wrote and said ah ha! It is Lady Gaga!

Thanks for sharing your holiday experiences! I can so relate to the getting up early thing - yikes! I really don't get up early on my own - dragging my butt outta bed @ 6 am is as foreign as German to me!

Happy New Year, my friend!

Churlita said...

Happy New Year!

You and DR seem to mesh well. That's so important, no matter how much time you get to spend together. I'm sure you will make it work.

laura b. said...

Ananda: Feels like one at present :-)

Tara: Thanks for not minding my rambling :-)
Applebees has really good food, but the ones we've been to seem to have some service issues for some reason...I like it though.
Hey! Thanks for giving The Office and Earl another chance! That is really cool. I am really enjoying How I Met Your Mother, so far.

MrManuel: haha! Not a Dark Knight fan? I wasn't too interested, but DR had seen it once and wanted to give it another chance. It had it's moments.
Yeah, I suspect that especially with 10 nominees, you may be seeing Up in the Air at some point...

Crazy4Coens: Happy New Year! How is your new little pup?
That hamster is a true master of disguise :-)
As for the getting up early issue, I hope you get a chance to play this week's Choose and Defend :-D

Churlita: Thank you. We do get along well and I have confidence that we can make it work out even with more limited time.

Sebastien said...

Great to hear your year is getting off to a great start. Heard good things about Up in the Air. Have you seen Sherlock Holmes? I'm going to see that tomorrow. Really looking forward to it.

Dark Knight, cool movie, Batman is the only superhero I can stand. The Frank Miller comics are great...

laura b. said...

Sebastien: After one attempt to see Sherlock Holmes (it was sold out on Xmas day), I still haven't seen it. I want to. Up in the Air was very good.
I tend not to be so into action or superhero movies like Dark Knight...but I am a fine compromiser!