Saturday, January 23, 2010

Unfair Labor Practices in My Life

All week it has been stormy.  For the time being, though, it has passed.  Yay!  I felt sad that my view of this lovely day was enjoyed on the way to be shut up indoors all day at work.  Still, I can see the sunshine outside of the window and when I go out to my car later I won't have to deal with puddles on the floor.  Awesome. Blue skies, baby, blue skies.

Someone got clever with their stencil and spray paint at this pay phone.   Cute!  Artists will no doubt continue to find it harder and harder to actually locate pay phone stands to decorate.   Will they start running up to people on the street, grabbing their cell phones and going to work on them?  Hm.

Here is the fine, upstanding meal that I had to start my deskbound day.  Thanks to the 7-Eleven with the cool pay phone out front I am able to enjoy coffee and a bagel.  It isn't a day in the sunshine and fresh air, but it is something warm at least.  *sigh*

So far, even being at work, my day is going just fine.  Of course it is still early, but I am optimistic.  You know how I enjoy my optimism!  I am looking forward to seeing DR this evening.  We might be babysitting.  I don't much care what we is more fun if DR is here.  And tomorrow, as far as I know, is all ours! 

Hope you all are having a good weekend too.  Now, go get 'em, tigers!


KenV (frmrly 3GK) said...

As exceedingly bland as this Saturday has been, it's nice to read of the slightly more than mediocre day you're having. :)

It can always be worse, huh?

You have a great weekend and enjoy your evening!

crazy4coens said...

I love love love your titles! You must work in a library!

Churlita said...

It's rainy here today - which is really odd for January in Iowa.

Tara said...

I started the day off with coffee and a bagel too! It was yummy.

I'm sorry you had to be deskbound on a beautiful day. :( It was cloudy here, so thank you for the sunny shot.

I love the sight of mountains in the background!

AlienCG said...

Living in Cleveland does not afford us the pleasure of many blue skies this time of year, but we make do and endure.

Very true that the humble phone booth is going the way of the dinosaur and the dodo. I like the artwork, though.

My day usually starts off with a humble bowl of cereal and a half pot of coffee. Hope you had a good day.

secret agent woman said...

We had a fairly nice day yesterday, but it is gray and has been raining all freaking day long today. Sigh.

Think I'll add some hot water to my teabag. :)

laura b. said...

KenV: I always love hearing what others are up to. Better or worse, it is at least different!

Hope you had a better Sunday :-)

C4C: It shows, eh? haha!

Churlita: Is snowing more the norm? Or are you teasing me? Weather confuses me!!!

Tara: Can't go wrong with coffee and a bagel.
Luckily, it was nice Sunday too...but now it is clouding up again. Boo!

AlienCG: Keep sharing your snowy wonderland photos and I will give you my blue skies when I can :-)

Hope you had a good day too.

Secret: Rain just gets me right down. I guess I could never live...well, lots of places!
Tea, mmmmm...

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Yah rain.. I would rather have than 6 feet of snow that I can't seem to dig out of.. But yes I hope that the rest of weekend went without many hitches..

FW said...

I too love the mountains in the photo, what a great scene! I usually skip breakfast at home but when I'm travelling I buy a smoothie, figuring it kind of kills two birds with one stone. Hope that your Sunday was exciting!

laura b. said...

Mrs: I know, I know, I am very spoiled weather-wise. I still reserve the right to complain, because it is so pleasureable :-)
Thanks, it was a good weekend, all in all.

FW: The cities where I live and work are right up against the foothills. It can be very pretty at times.
I LOVE smoothies, too!
Thank you, my Sunday was tiring, but nice :-) Hope yours was good too.

Sebastien said...

I love street art. Bansky is quite popular, he is a famous street artist. I like his animal stencils. That particular one in your phone booth looks super cool.