Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday 5 - Personal Adds

 The view this morning.  Guh.

Hello happy Friday people.   Glad to be able to report that I am having a fine day off, in spite of the gloomy weather.   I got the bulk of my chores done first thing this morning, so that by the time Handsome Lad got out of school at 12:30 we could just goof off.  We had a nice Chinese take out lunch and then when out to our favorite hang out....Barnes & Noble.  We love us some books.  Working in a library makes it hard for me to buy books, but I was feeling saucy today and made a purchase of two.  Good times.

Now, how about a little Friday 5?  We deserve it, don't you think.  Join in the good times, por favor!

 1.  What’s your favorite “just add water!” food?  Well, if that means just cook it for ten minutes in boiling water, I'd go with any kind of pasta.  You can't go wrong there, really.

2.  What’s your favorite thing to add vinegar to?   Well, I like malt vinegar on my fish and chips.  So I will go with that...vinegar-y fish!

3.  What’s something weird you’ve added to normal food?  I don't think it is that weird, but some people think it is weird that I am willing to put ranch dressing on just about anything.  Is that weird?

4.  What’s your favorite thing to add whipped cream to?  That's a pretty personal question!  Humph!, I see....then let's go with strawberries.  Strawberries.     

5.  What’s something you refuse to add anything to, even though most people add something?  My tastes are not too outside of the norm I'd say.  I guess what comes to mind is that many people like their coffee with a little something sweet  and/or creamy.  I wouldn't go so far as to say I refuse these additions, but I do l.o.v.e. strong black coffee, pure and unadulterated. 
    Thanks for adding your presence to my day, and may days be added to your weekend!


    L. 'Ailina Laranang said...

    #2 - Man! Everybody's writing about fish & chips, and now I have a monster craving! Nowhere to get good fish & chips around here, but we got some great fried catfish. Not the same though, when I want fish & chips. (crave crave crave)

    #3 - Nah. Not weird. The USA is a Ranch Nation. ;)

    Sebastien said...

    I have become a true american, and love adding ketchup to just about anything, hehe.

    Barnes and Noble! Seriously, book stores are my favorite. What books did you get? I have to say though that I do love buying books, but to maximize my purchasing power I mostly buy used books on amazon nowadays. I do like supporting local retailers, even... the national ones in the area. If that makes sense.

    crazy4coens said...

    how totally cool to get an actual weekday off.

    my favorite add water food is tea.

    vinegar is a great thing to put on a sunburn. your choice was good, too. i also thought about potato salad.

    my husband is the one who adds weird stuff to food - curry whare it doesn't belong is one example.

    we always make fresh whip cream on thanksgiving for our pies. funny, i did not even think of the things you thought of....deep sigh

    i refuse to add sugar to my coffee - i like cream in it, but not sugar.

    thanks for the opportunity to whisper my opinions!

    Churlita said...

    I tried to comment earlier but it wouldn't let me. I'll add Ranch to almost anything too. I like spicy peanut butter sauce on a lot of things too.

    Tara said...

    You mean all this time I've been having adulterated coffee? Tee Hee! *blush* Actually I have cream in the coffee I make at home, but when I get to work I take it black. Go figyah.

    Guess I must try the vinegar on fries! You're the third person this week who likes it on fries. I actually put mayo on my fries. But I guess I shall try vinegar next time.

    scrivener said...

    Darn it. I wish I'd thought of coffee for that last answer. I used to be so religious about black coffee that my email signature used to be "Drink it black!" I went to college in Hilo, which is just a short way from the best coffee in the world in Kona, so I got kind of spoiled.

    I can't drink the office swill black, though, so maybe it's just as well that I didn't think of coffee.

    Thanks for participating in this week's Friday 5! I always enjoy reading everyone's responses!

    laura b. said...

    'Ailina: I got a craving too! Maybe sometime this week I will get some fish & chips.
    haha! You're right, it is a Ranch Nation. It is one of those things I just haven't outgrown.

    Sebastien: Ketchup goes with sooo many things :-)
    I LOVE buying used books on Amazon. Buying new books is a great, great treat, but because of the fun of browsing I invested in a membership at B&N for the discounts. That day I got Maus I, The Yes Man, American Wife, and Digging to America. Heaven.

    C4C: I do like my every other Friday off...but hate my every other Saturday on :-)
    And thanks for whispering here. I am sad that I have never made fresh whipped cream!

    Churlita: Confounded Blogger. Mmm...I love spicy peanut butter sauce!

    Tara: You probably trust the cream at home more :-) You adulterator. haha!
    You absolutely must try vinegar on your fries, it is delicious. DR likes mayo on his too!

    Scrivner: Drink it black! I like that :-) I have been known to drink even dreck black, but yeah, it's not the same.
    Thanks very much for stoppoing in!!!

    thisnewplace said...

    this made me hungry for fish and chips!

    laura b. said...

    TNP: It did the exact same thing to me.