Monday, October 22, 2007

You Know This is My Busy Time of Year!

Anyone recognize a Kramerism here? The past couple of days have been busy-ish for me, in any event. I had a day off Friday, but Princess Diva and the two babies came over and stayed aaaallllll day. Princess Diva's weird flaky mom has come to stay with them for a week or two. So, apparently the kids are making it their quest to be away from home as much as possible so that they don't have to deal with I guess my house is one of the possible destinations of choice. So, Friday was sort of shot just hanging out with them.
Saturday I had to work and it was extremely busy. That made the day go really quickly. After work a bunch of the family went out to dinner...and that day was gone!
Sunday was really fun. My aunt and one of my cousins came over. They were in town visiting from Phoenix. Even though they don't live THAT far away we hardly ever see each other. I guess it was because my two cousins there, like me, had good size families and lots of responsibilities that made doing much visiting difficult. It was wonderful to spend time with them and catch up on family stuff. That side of the family is very funny and lively. I think my own kids ended up having fun, although they had sort of been...not so much looking forward to spending time with relatives that they don't really know.
Today, Monday, has been mondo busy. Mondays are generally busy at the library, with the new school week starting. Plus, I have my big Halloween program coming up on Wednesday that I am doing last minute prep for. Well, not so much, because I've been doing this program for a few years and have it pretty wired, but not everyone needs to know that! haha!
In other news, the whole of Southern California seems to be burning. So far, there is nothing too close to me, but I have friends in Irvine and San Diego, and my Dad lives in Malibu canyon. So, I am trying to keep track of everyone, where they are exactly and where the fires are exactly. I guess it is just so dry here and the winds are literally fanning the flames.
Tomorrow is another day...let us see what it brings.


Mrs. Big Hairy Woman said...

Busy busy.. that you are... How flaky is this woman? Let's hear some more about

Tara said...

I just got an email from our school's director that we can definitely dress up for Halloween. I had a feeling about it, but it's good know for sure.

Stay safe with those fires burning. I'm sure your family will keep in touch too if they need to get away too.

David in DC said...

Let's hear more about Love Bug and Miss Personality.

One of RFB's mom's friend's explained it to me this way: Grandchildren are your reward for not killing your children. :)

laura b. said...

MrsBHW: Oh, poor Princess Diva. She has a very un-fun dysfunctional family going on.

Tara: I love getting to dress up for work! I'm glad you get to for sure.
Thanks, I am hoping that the fire
situation is under control sometime soon.

DiDC: Sweet of you to ask. I am sure that over time you will all feel that you know Miss Personality and Love Bug too well.

ha! I have heard that about grandkids and it could well be one of those cute sayings that is actually true.

Churlita said...

At least you're not the crazy mother-in-law.

I used to be a wildland fire fighter in California, so hearing about the fires makes me a little nostalgic. I know that's weird and I hope everyone you know is okay.

evil-e said...

I just hope all is well out there in the inferno known as southern California.

laura b. said...

Churlita: Did you really? Amazing. I am so frightened of fire, I could never be a fire fighter. That is really cool.

Evil-E: So far, there is a lot of devastation. Even though the fires aren't too close, the air is filthy.

David in DC said...

"I used to be a wildland fire fighter in California, so hearing about the fires makes me a little nostalgic."

Hard to picture very many people typing that line.

Churlita RAWKS.

laura b. said...

DiDC: She da bomb diggity.