Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Here is my super sad sketch for today. I did it with the line tool on Adobe, so...oh, never mind, it doesn't matter how I did it. I am not an artiste! The artists are over there>>>>in the "I'm Just Sayin' That's How I Roll" column.
Okay, I have a little assignment for you. It is a real favor. I think that soon I will be living in an apartment instead of a house. I have lived in apartments before, of course, but have lived in a house for the past 17 years or so. What I need, is for you to tell me all the reasons I will LOVE living in an apartment again. Humor me. Make me feel better. I really need some good thoughts, so lay 'em on me! Participation will surely earn you a place on Santa's Nice List or whatever primo list you want to show up on :-)


Tara said...

This sketch tells the viewer that the artist is brilliant and likes to draw abstract figures. This belongs in the Louvre.

Reasons for living in an apartment:

-If anything breaks down that was originally owned by the apartment like the garbage disposal, dishwasher, fridge, plumbing, etc..Maintenance will take care of it like super heroes. No charge. At least that's how it is in my apartment.

-You can hear interesting arguments from your neighbors while walking to your own door.

-You don't need to mow the lawn, weed or shovel snow. Maintenance does it for you.

-You might find a nice apartment that pays for heat and water and that is REALLY nice.

laura b. said...

Tara: You're too kind :-)

Great start, Tara! Those are all excellent reasons why life in an apartment could be less stressful and even fun. Thank you.

Churlita said...

As an adult, I've only lived in apartments or duplexes - that's how classy I am.

I was going to second all of Tara's ideas.

Um, how about, you get to meet people you wouldn't know under any other circumstances?

If your furnace breaks down in the middle of the night, you can call your landlord to take care of it.

David in DC said...

Rent control?

Indoor mailbox.

Nice neighbors.

If not, at least entertaining neighbors.

All the upkeep issues noted above.

Living in a home where you like, trust and respect all your cohabitants.

Newspaper delivery in the rain where your newspaper doesn't get wet.

Plausible excuse when out-of-town friends/relatives try to invite themselves as overnight guests.

laura b. said...

Churlita: I am a renter from the time I moved out of my parents home, make no mistake there :-) Just with five kids, an actual stand alone house became a necessity.
Thanks for the pluses! I really do like the idea of meeting new and hopefully tolerable people :-)

DiDC: You must a be a born and bred East Coaster, David. There aren't too many apartment buildings in this particular area with the perks you describe. However, a special thank you for helpful tip #6. Trusting and respecting all my cohabitants may erase any and all negatives associated with apartment living.