Tuesday, October 30, 2007

That's Why They Call Me Mr. Fahrenheit

I am having a weird day. Not in reality, just in my head. I'm feeling very random and speedy...must be a manic day, but not really, because it is only inside my brain that the racing is going on. Physically, I am as zen as ever.
What kind of a post does one write on a day like today? Hows about I just catch you up with stuff? Not that there is all that much of interest going on...
Let's see...this weekend was quiet. Extra quiet. Kick Back Dude and that arm of the family had their own activities both Saturday and Sunday, so I didn't see them. Well, scratch that, Girlie Girl and I did have dinner with them Saturday night and that was nice.
In a fine passive-aggressive move WTG has taken Handsome Lad's Xbox out to his room and set him up with his own little tv and gaming chair. Now he doesn't have to share the livingroom television with the rest of the household heathens who sometimes don't want to watch him lurch through the Grand Theft Auto landscape. (I know, I know, bad parenting alert...my ten year old plays GTA) So, anyways, what this means is that the entire weekend went by, basically without me seeing Handsome Lad. He is sort of mad at me right now anyway. The tension between WTG and me is harder on him than anyone else. WTG works hard to keep Handsome Lad as his bestest, bestest friend. Real healthy. Anyway, I don't want to get into a competition and make HL feel even more torn than he already does, so I try to let them both have their space. So, with them in their little hidey hole and the rest of the teen and up crowd doing their own things, I was really on my own a lot this weekend. I was, and still am, tired, so it was nice to have the downtime I admit. Still, it also gave me that "my kids are growing up and don't need me anymore" twinge. I know that in fact my kids will always need me...but as someone who had a house full of kids for so many years, moving away from that constant physical need can be unsettling. Maybe I can actually start planning more outside the house activities with *gasp* my friends!
What else, what else...yesterday went quickly...Mondays, as I have mentioned, are very busy at the library. When I got off work at nine I went by Kick Back Dude and Princess Diva's new place. They are in the process of moving from their apartment which is very near our house, to a duplex which is very near my work. It is less money than their apartment and has a little yard for the girls, so they couldn't pass it up. After the viewing and the requisite admiration when Miss Personality pointed out to me where she would eat, bathe, and sleep, I headed on home. Social Animal and Secret Agent Man were wandering around a bit, taking bedtime showers, foraging for snacks, but everyone else was asleep so I sat and watched Dancing with the Stars. Yeah, I tivo it faithfully, what of it? haha! (nervous, defensive laughter there)
This brings me to today where I am feeling very...wound up. I don't know...maybe I just need to rattle Team C's cage and get some natural endorphins going on. Well, I could also take a little jog or do some yoga or something for a similar effect...but I think I might rather have a little human contact. And I know you won't judge me here...right? Right. Whew! Wow, thanks for reading. I feel marginally better.


Tara said...

I say rattle Team C's cage. Just do it. ;)

The good mood I was feeling earlier today almost wore off because of my manager, but it's slowly coming back due to the fact that it's almost 5 in about an hour and a half. Woo hoo!

What I'm gonna do for Halloween night, since I won't be handing out candy is I'm going to buy a bottle of cheap wine and some chocolates or something that is equally unhealthy and pig out in front of the TV.

evil-e said...

I am doing whatever for Halloween...me and Renee hit two parties over the weekend and Tuesday is usually date night during the week. Probably nothing, maybe "helping" the Alien with candy duty?

laura b. said...

Tara: Thanks for supporting my mood boosting method! I like the idea of wine and chocolate on Halloween very much. Great plan!

Evil-E: haha! You should help the Alien with candy duty. Just make him feed you or something.

Viki said...

Everyone needs some good 'human contact' - go out girl and enjoy yourself!

Churlita said...

I am the last person to judge. I've recently been kicking around the idea of making out (just making out, nothing else) with a guy in his twenties. Unfortunately, I don't really know any men my own age.

now, go rattle that cage.

laura b. said...

Viki: Thanks :-)

Churlita: I feel that making out is very underrated. If I were you, I would probably keep kicking that idea around until it dropped right into my lap... Okay, that makes little to no sense, but you get the idea.