Saturday, October 6, 2007

Goofy Kick Back Dude

I had to save this phone text conversation for posterity, because Kick Back Dude is so clearly insane. Someday his therapist may want the notes...

KBD: My likes include Linex, solar power (go green!), soy, animal rights, and fighting the system through personal blogs and online petitions to impeach Bush, man.

Me: There are so many like-minded people out there. You should start a club. A gum club! Everyone likes gum.

KBD: I can't. It would be such a big hit that it would go mainstream and sell out, just like when I said, "Hey, maybe I'll take this hemp and make a shirt!'

Me: Oh, too much too soon. It's every messiah's downfall.

KBD: Yup. I was thinking of bringing back that thing where you roll a big metal ring with a stick as the new hip sport.

Me: You may be on to something. You would want to get people to wear specialized clothes when participating.

KBD: Yea, fiberglass sticks, titanium rings. I think there's a market.

Me: Everything old is new again.

KBD: Yea, so I figure hop right over those hipsters who are working through the nineties and eighties. I'm going old school Great Depression style. Tossing washers, chasing rings with sticks, and stealing bread.

Me: You're pretty fly for a white guy.


MrManuel said...

So here is my question... You texted all that? Wow. I could never get into the text thing. Prefer just to talk to someone!

Churlita said...

You guys are so awesome.

dmarks said...

You could start a gum club, but when you talk about it, enunciate it carefully, or it will sound like gun club and the ATF will be investigating you.

Oh. And don't try this in Singapore, either.

minijonb said...

i'm going to have that image of the rolling ring in my head all day. at least i know know it's made of titanium or something =:-)

laura b. said...

MrManuel: My oldest son and I are texting fools. We don't like to talk on the phone that much ;-) It was exactly like it appears, except that I added caps and punctuation to make it more readable.

Churlita: He's a funny guy and I am a servicable straight man, so to speak.

Dmarks: haha! Good points. I am taking notes...guMMMMM Singapore chapter (we don't care for the cane...)

MiniJonB: Be one of the first to join the hippest new leisure activity craze! haha!