Saturday, October 6, 2007


I was just over at David in DC's blog, where he posted a poem that he has by his desk for inspiration or to put things into perspective. I thought that was such a good idea, that I decided to totally copy him and post my inspirational deskside words. Here they are:

Best not to concentrate altogether on the sycophany, cowardice, and fraudulence of a society that feels as if it's in decompostion. Better to think instead of beautiful children in concentrated play, of Mozart's music of oboe and harp and flute, of Winesap apples and cold green grapes, of large-hearted men and women who refused to be daunted in much darker times than ours.
- Joseph Epstein
"Decline and Blumenthal"
With My Trousers Rolled

Do you have any special thoughts or words which keep you going?

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