Thursday, August 9, 2007

Trilogy of Terror

I remember watching the original broadcast of Trilogy of Terror in 1975. I would have been 12. Over the years it became a sort of cult classic, although after that original viewing I never saw it again until today. When Milly asked if I wanted to watch it at lunch I remembered it and was excited to see it. I clearly remembered the one about the little African doll, but realized I had no memory of the other two stories. Once we started watching, I realized why I didn't remember the other two stories. "Julie" and "Millicent and Terese" were both...well, not terrifying. And if fact, when I was 12 they would have been even less scary I think, because I wouldn't really have gotten the psychological elements at play. The third part, Amelie, was the good one! Now that one is classic! Watching it again, I was not surprised that it stuck with me. It is silly in a way, but this one earns the "terror" title. Ah, good times, good times. Here is a picture of the scary Zuni fetish doll.Don't let the soul of that Zuni warrior enter your body!

PS- After I posted this, I looked down and realized there is a slight resemblance between the doll and Frank N.


Churlita said...

All I remember was that it was Karen Black (right?) and the weird voodoo doll thing. Too funny.

Tara said...

I'll rent this on Netflix. I loved it when a certain station called "USA" would have Saturday night horror movies. I didn't care if they stunk, I wanted my horror fix! There was one with a mixture of stories in it that I can't remember the name of right now. I think it was called "Monsters". There was one story that featured a guy who, when he whistled, would melt the flesh off of his enemies. It was quite memorable. I think Vincent Price was in it too.

MrManuel said...

HA! I've seen parts of this, and yes, it's not very scary!

l.b. said...

Churlita: Yes! Karen Black played four roles in the trilogy. Yeah, more funny than terroristic :-)

Tara: It is definitely worth viewing for the doll story alone. I think I remember that Monsters one too!

MrManuel: haha! Since I don't really like to be scared too much this is probably right about my speed.