Friday, August 17, 2007

Must Be a Slow News Day

Once again, I bring you, my retarded conversational skillz... My friend DR is great for facilitating dorkiness.

DR: How is that, you are much knowledgeable than me, you work in a freakin' liberry! I am sad that I didn't find it on my own, <3

me: I work in a libeary so I know about libras and bears and going shush :-) (^.^)

DR: I always meant to ask, do you shush people? Regularly?

me: hee hee! Sure, I am rocking my bun and specks and frowning at everyone while using my powerful "shhhh" finger to the lips signal. They cower before me, of course, but then the men go home and fantasize about removing my glasses and taking down my hair and doing naughty things to me in remote, dusty corners of the stacks.

*sigh* Sorry for that...


Babybull40 said...

That is dorky.. but very funny... libreary and Libras... good one..

Churlita said...

Who doesn't like a naughty librarian?

David in DC said...

Shush ME! Shush ME!

Viki said...

That is dorky but hilarious!

laura b. said...

BabyBull: Aw, thanks!

Churlita: It does seem to be a popular little idea.

DiDC: Consider yourself shushed. And shushed again for good measure.

Viki: I am lucky to have blog friends who don't mind my dorkiness...

Tara said...

Lol..That was hilarious! I also like your use of "bear" in "libeary". :)

laura b. said...

Thanks! The bears in libearies are fine performers :-)