Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dance Like Mick Jagger Day

Today seemed like a good day to celebrate a Taraday.
I'm a Stones fan...AND a Beatles fan. The two are not mutually exclusive no matter what some will say.

When I Googled the phrase "Dance Like Mick Jagger" this site was the first hit. Some interesting quotes from M.Jagger and others on his performance style. This quote was my favorite:

I get a strange feeling onstage. I feel all this energy coming from an audience. They need something from life and are trying to get it from us... I entice the audience, of course I do. I do it every way I can think of... What I'm doing is a sexual thing. I dance, and all dancing is a replacement for sex. What really upsets people is that I'm a man and not a woman. I don't do anything more than a lot of girl dancers, but they're accepted because it's a man's world. What I do is very much the same as a girl's striptease dance.
- Mick Jagger, 1966

I think it is an interesting, although not new idea, that dancing is a replacement for sex. Is it?


evil-e said...

If that is the case than consider me a virgin.....I cannot, will not, and do not dance. I have terminal white guy and care not to make a fool of myself.

laura b. said...

Evil-E: The ladies love innocence. Next time someone asks you to dance, make sure to stammer and blush and mutter that you just don't do things like that...

AlienCG said...

I do not dance either. I'm well over six-feet tall and quite a large person. I cannot dance at all.

I do like the classic days of the Stones. Such albums as "Some Girls" and "Beggar's Banquet" are excellent.

Tara said...

I like Beatles songs too, but I think I like more Stones songs than Beatles tunes.

Mick Jagger has an attractive essence about him. He's not much to look at, but there's just something about him. Maybe it is the dancing, after all. :)

laura b. said...

AlienCG: So the myth is true..tall men don't dance.
Great albums, both.

Tara: I feel so attached to the Beatles, but their advantage is that they broke up before they could slip slide away.
Mick Jagger seems sexy to me in the same way that Tim Curry in drag was sexy. Very gender ambiguous, which is surprisingly
h-o-t. haha!