Monday, May 21, 2007

Optimism, By Force if Necessary

I could let the bad stuff run wild right about now.

-WTG is coming home to make like, um, challenging once again.
-Team C is such a one-dimensional friend.
-I have two graduations and two family birthdays to get through in this brings further...
-Money issues.

What the hell though. Why not look at the bright side?

-I am determined to hold on the the peace of mind that an absent WTG has created and not let him fuck with my head anymore. Yay!
-Team C does at least provide me with one thing that I definitely need. Woo hoo!
-I have two graduations and two family birthdays in June. Don't dread milestones...they deserve every bit of joy that I can muster. Celebrate!
-Money issues are always going to be there, so learn to embrace creative ways of getting around them. Celebrating on a budget can still be awesome!


evil-e said...

Keep trying....if WTG messes with you too much, try to remember the movie Misery....just a thought

Team C provides a valuable service aparently, otherwise he would not get a woo hoo! (wink)

Babybull40 said...

Team "C" is a valuable source.. and if WTG is that adamant about being a dink, then you can tell him that you could always have him shipped off to the Old Age home.. or the Pysch You are doing great... keep it up.. and I also agree with Evil-e.. about the movie "Misery" keep that one in mind too..

Tara said...

With weddings, you can sit back and make fun of the goofballs. Plus, the more interesting things you see at the ceremonies, the more blog material you have! :D

l.b. said...

Evil-E: Hmmm....hobbling. There's a thought.
haha! Yes, I guess if nothing else Team C does provide the woo hoo.

BabyBull: Thanks BabyBull. Maybe I will compile a little lists of threats to use when things get bad ;-)

Tara: I know! It will be June, why aren't I invited to any goofy weddings?
And you are right. There is another bright side...blogging material galore.

Tara said...

Oops! I meant family birthdays and graduations. I thought weddings were mixed in there too. Almost any kind of ceremony is good blogging material.

l.b. said...

Thats okay, Tara. Everyone associates June with weddings anyway.

Ceremonies...the more solemn the better!

Viki said...

Take some beach therapy! it really works!

l.b. said...

I really do need some beach therapy. It would be well worth making the time for it.