Friday, May 11, 2007

The Edumacation Meme

A big thankew goes out to MiniJonB!

What was the name of the teacher that was most influential in your life from grades K through 6?

Mrs. Stratton. Amy. She was my teacher in both 4th and 5th grade. Back in those days they were going very experimental in the schools. In 4th grade I was in a 4th/5th/6th combination full of "gifted" students. In 5th grade, they dialled it down to a 5th/6th combo. And through it all Mrs. Stratton was there, making learning fun. She and her family became good friends of my family and my mom used to babysit her little boy, Cameron, while she taught school. My sister and I treated him like our little pet.

What subject did you favor in high school?

English has always been far and away my thing. Not the boring structural stuff, but the reading, writing, deconstructing. My Senior year English teacher was my most influential high school teacher. Thanks Mr. Henderson.

Did you attend a university and if so, did you attain a degree?

I went to Cal State Fullerton. Go Titans! And attained, of course, an exceedingly practical degree in English. Then, I set up a little shop called Ye Olde English Shoppe and sold my knowledge of literature on the free market. It has been incredibly profitable! Um, yeah.

Do you learn best through books, by watching, or hands-on?

All three are best. I do know that I used to take prodigious notes and I learned what I needed to know through the act of taking the notes. I never even really had to go over them. Once I wrote it, I had it.

Has education been an ongoing process for you? How do you feel about that?

I can honestly say I learn something new almost every day and I love it! I never want to stop learning or being appreciative of learning.
The result of the educative process is capacity for further education. - John Dewey

What six people are you tagging to do this?

Any six who haven't already done it, but were just waiting for the right moment. The time has come!


minijonb said...

Right on. You've got a much better attitude toward education than I have. I might be a little jealous of that.

Have a great weekend.

l.b. said...

MiniJonB: You too can learn to love learning! haha!
You have a great weekend too.