Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Was anyone into that show when it was on? Not enough people I guess, as I don't think it even lasted a full season. I have been watching the DVD and it is so cool! I love this show! I never did see it when it was actually on a couple of years ago, but if I had been into it I would have been so pissed off when it was cancelled! Now I am pissed off retroactively.
Does anyone else have any underappreciated gems that they discovered too late? Or maybe you were a fan, but couldn't save it. (Like me and Arrested Development *sigh*) Tell me about it.


Anonymous said...

I'm STILL bitter about My So Called Life. But I've never heard of Wonderfall. I'll have to check it out.

esb138 said...

"Police Files"..6 episodes which ended up becoming the Naked Gun movies.

"Millenium"--from Chris Carter, it was heading towards an X-Files like cult following when Fox nixed it.

Believe it or not---drum roll---"Cop Rock"--this might have been the worst show in the history of TV, but this is why I liked it. In case you might have blinked, it was a cop show that was a big musical..I hate musicals, but it was so horrid I liked it.

l.b. said...

Erin- Oh, I loved My So Called Life! I watched that when it was on and then all the time when they used to show it on MTV after it was cancelled.

misfit- I know that Millenium could have found its audience, given time. Cop Rock, I never saw it, but from what I understand it has it's devotees to this day. Police Files...now that is pure, classic genius. I demand a recount.