Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My Lazy Mind

I just finished reading Thank You For Smoking and it was really cool. I had been meaning to read it since I saw the movie version and finally got around to it. Likewise, I am now meaning to read Running with Scissors after seeing the movie. However, at this particular moment I am feeling somewhat lazy mentally. So I decided to reread Little Children. I have mentioned before how I despair of ever getting to all the books I want to read, yet there are some I insist on rereading (often more than once.) There is just something so wonderful about returning to a book that you know you loved!


esb138 said...

Returning to the classics is always a very good thing, an old familiar friend that seems to offer something new everytime you read it. I think I have reread Vonnegut's Slapstick about 15 times.

l.b. said...

Yes, that is it exactly.
You know, I haven't read Slapstick, but I love some other Vonnegut I've read, like Slaughterhouse Five of course...and Deadeye Dick is great.