Thursday, November 30, 2006

6 Weird Things About Me

I was so excited to be tagged by Tara for this meme!
It was disconcertingly easy to think of 6 weird things about myself...even if they aren't all that weird.

1. I have a thing for breath mints, especially Altoids.
2. I am extremely afraid of heights and the sensation of falling.
3. I like tomato sauce, ketchup, and sundried tomatoes, but don't care for actual fresh tomotoes.
4. I get almost panicky if I find myself with free time and nothing on hand to read.
5. I can't stand the feeling of cloth in my mouth. It sends a chill up my spine.
6. I feel ridiculous when I wear make-up.

I will tag....

Go! Um, please?


Tara said...

Well done! These were interesting! Have you tried the Altoid gum? I bought the sour apple kind. The flavor doesn't last long enough, but that first moment when I chew on them...Wowzers. Lol.

I am okay with heights.....sort of. But I'm afraid of the sensation of falling too, which is why I don't go on too many roller coasters. Going up the hill is scary, because I know I'll have to come down, and it always feels like falling.

esb138 said...

Altoids are the best.
You fear cloth in the mouth because you fear the dentist--am I right??

l.b. said...

Tara, I like Altoid gum too, but the minty kind.

misfit, I don't know where that comes from...I keep wondering if I am repressing a memory of being bound and gagged - not really :-)
The dentist fear is about a sissified fear of pain.

minijonb said...

I've done this one before... but I love the number 6, so I'll try to think of a few new things that are weird and get back to you next week.

l.b. said...

Thank you MiniJonB. No one else responded to their tag at all, so you are my hero.