Monday, November 6, 2006

Fun Stuff

l.b. is working hard to stay positive, as I am on one of those down cycles. But I don't give in. I have a real, albeit corny, desire to live my life in an appreciative way. So, fun stuff! Friday with the Swordsman was fun. Well, maybe not fun...but good. Definitely good. Then, Friday night I took Handsome Lad and went to Social Animal's football game. I almost didn't go, because sometimes I skip the away games, but it turned out to be a really great game. Lots of back and forth with the Tartans defeating the opposition with a final score of 31-28. Saturday I was here, tired, but still the day went fine. No complaints. So yay! Sunday was mostly good. I stayed out of WTG's way, watched a lot of my tivo'd stuff, and went out to dinner with Kick Back Dude and his family, plus the two littles, Girlie Girl and Handsome Lad. I was able to get the exact food that I wanted, even though my particular combination was not on the it weird that I like English style fish with onion rings? I know it is called fish 'n chips, duh, but I like onion rings...and I got them. Yum and yay for eating what you want sometimes.
And what has been fun about today? Well...not much actual fun, but also nothing bad. Okay, Wild Bill is acting like an a$$, but that is not exactly shocking somehow, so I am just going to laugh it, you slay me, you scamp!
Oh! And I finally got started on Thank You For Smoking. So, there you go, woo hoo! Fun stuff.


Rachel said...

sounds like you had a busy weekend. Mine wasn't that much fun.

The Furtive Wangler said...

Chin up Blue, keep smiling ;-)

l.b. said...

Rachel: I made a real effort to make mine sound fun :-) I am determined to be a happy soul!

FW: Thats what I'm all about, m'lad!