Monday, September 25, 2006

When There is a Rule, There is a Reason

My oldest son found that out the hard way...given that he is 21, probably not for the first time. On Sunday, while I took my daughter to the football game for cheerleading, Son #1 took his littlest brother bowling. I believe there are signs posted saying "Do Not Touch the Rails" or at least "Be Careful if Touching the Rails" I guess those are those things that go up or down on the lanes to block the gutter for little ones? (Not a bowler, I am piecing this together.) They had the rails up so Little Bro could actually bowl and when one fell down, Big Bro went to put it back up and somehow it sliced almost right through the top of his pinkie. He stayed calm and after examining it in the bathroom, realized he was pretty badly injured. He got his younger brother home without letting him know all that much was wrong, and then, luckily for once, WTG was there and took him to the emergency room. He had to get 15 stitches. Seems like a lot for such a little finger.
When I saw him this morning, he said what hurt the most was his shoulder where they gave him the tetanus shot.
While all this was going on, I was sitting in the broiling sun watching my darling daughter cheer for a team that lost 30-0. At least the girls did a fine job with their little half time performance :-) Mom side note: I am making an extra special effort to get along with my one and only daughter. She can be contentious, but in attempting to recall myself at 13, I feel certain I was similar and that no one that age can really help it. Ima get that Mother of the Year award yet!


Tara said...

Ouch! Poor guy! I've had a tetanus shot before, and I can see how that area would hurt more than the finger. I hope he has a quick recovery!

esb138 said...

That hurts. Tetanus shots are evil. He'll be OK.

l.b. said...

Thanks, guys. He seems fine and is now just waiting impatiently for it to be time to take out the stitches and forget it ever happened. And no more tetanus shots for...what? Five years?