Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Clap if You Like Whining

Keep it going, because you're in for a treat today. This will be an all whine post. On my mind with a vengence:
1. My oldest son can't get into the stupid doctor's office to have his stitches examined. It will take, literally, seconds, and they claim there is no way to get him in before Monday. What if this thing gets infected? Back to the E.R. then, I guess.
2. I still have not dealt with Son #3's little foray into the marijuana. WTG talked to him about it. By the time I got home last night, around 9:30, he was able to feign sleep convincingly enough that I knew it wouldn't be a good time to talk. So, I still don't know what I'll say to him. He will be spoken to this evening though, and some sort of consequences laid down.
3. I haven't yet found a replacement car so that WTG can quit bitching about the one he "gave" me and the tremendous debt he says he incurred. (Do I doubt the debt part? You betcha.) I have looked, but nothing seems quite feasible for me. I mean, I'll have very little to spend and it must be running.
4. WTG tried to join a gym that was offering a month's free trial. They refused to let him sign up because his blood pressure is too high. If he has a stroke or something, would I have to be the one to look after him? Okay, you can hate me now, because that sounds horrible. You'd have to know WTG though...
5. My memory is totally shot. One piece of evidence is here. I have heard that this sort of thing can be linked to stess and/or depression. Do ya think?
Thanks for joining the Festival of Whine! Are you craving some cheese?


Tara said...

Hey, wouldn't that be a cool meetup group? Cheese and Whine Group. We could find a little place, have some tasty cheese and wine (just don't make me drink red wine), and then just...whine! I'll bet lots of people would sign up.

I think your son's wound will be fine if he keeps it out of trouble and tends to it until Monday. I'm not a doctor, but I've had stitches myself.

l.b. said...

I would totally join that group!

I know you are right about the stitches too. He'll live. I just need to focus less on the worrisome stuff and remember that people so rarely die of a cut on the finger :-)
Thanks Tara.