Saturday, September 9, 2006

Captivating? Not So Much.

I know you were promised a captivating entry for today. Please tell me this isn't the first time someone has let you down. Yeah, I didn't think so. I'm just one in a long line of disappointments, aren't I? *sigh* haha!
Okay, what can I say?
Did I tell you that Team C called on my first day back from vacay? It is our 2 year "anniversary"...well, today actually, I guess. When I see him next week, I will see if he remembers. Probably not. He can get away with that though, because when I mention it he will be so lovely and sweet about it. Can't wait to see him.
In other dude news, I think I am going to have to ease my way away from the Swordsman. It is just too complicated with him and I need simplicity, not complications. Obviously. As for DR, he is far away and back to his old habits of treating me very casually, which in the long run is fine with me. I mean, he is very far away and always will be from what I can tell.
Um, what else...reading? I finished Birds in Fall. It was wonderful. Now I am beginning Stiff, which I have actually been meaning to read for least I remember hearing about it back when Six Feet Under used to be on... Anyway, it seems interesting and funny so far.
Is that all I have? I guess...oh, Milly just showed me the Amazon listing for the new Decemberist cd The Crane Wife. I should get it. Yeah, I will get it.
And thus ends my captivating Saturday entry here. See you Monday, dears.

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