Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Don't Faint! It's a New Post!

Returned to work yesterday after my week off. The first day back to work never seems too fab, but yesterday was especially messed up. I normally work 9-6 on Tuesdays when no programming is going on, so I turned up at 9 good to go. co-worker had called in unable to attend work that evening, so I ended up being the one who sort of was urged to consider working 12-9, as I do during programming. It would save having to get a temp in blah, blah, blah. So, yeah, I went on home, did some more laundry, watched an Intervention that I had Tivo'd and returned at noon for a full 9 more hours of good times. It was fine, just not the best start to the working week...
My days off were okay. I really did relax quite a bit. Still, it wasn't what I pictured or hoped for when I asked for this time off months ago. I did successfully get the chirrens back in school. Now there is a pricey little proposition and they go to public school!
When I got back online, I had to spend some quality time catching up on email and visting my favorite blogs. It was nice to see everyone :-) Was I missed here? Come on, don't be too shy to admit it. Okay...I know I am talking to myself for the most part, but it amuses me and is harmless, right?
Lets see...I did a bit of reading. I started the week with My Lover's Lover. I had actually had it on my 'to read' list for quite some time and one day I just happened to pick it up from a table over here. It turned out to be pretty good. One of those sort of well written, but sort of removed stories. Then, I reread Waiting. Such a sad and visceral book. Between those and my magazines I made it through the week. Yesterday I picked up Birds in Fall. I've only barely started it, but I can tell it is going to be great. Very, very well written with characters that I can already tell I am going to appreciate.
Okay, I have blathered my blather. I will blather some more tomorrow! It IS good to be back.

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