Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's L.B. Appreciation Day Somewhere in the World!

I would like to direct you to Eclectic Spaghetti where the very cool Tara has given me my very own day! Visit her and join in the celebration of yours truly. haha!
Okay enough about, wait...this blog is all about me, right? Me and my boring life. Lives up to it's name, for sure!


esb138 said...

I found l.b. appreciation day on Tara's site. I am appreciating! I am Misfit138 or esb138, either/or. I am just stopping in to check your work out. I do like the Haikus. Have a nice day.

l.b. said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by Misfit138. Your blog looks interesting and I have bookmarked it so that I'll be sure to pass through on my rounds :-)