Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Snap into a Slim Jim!

Me and Milly went in on this big box of Slim Jims from Amazon a while back. My portion has sort of been sitting around. I eat them very occasionally. Until this evening, that is. Tonight they are tasting mighty, mighty good to me. I mean, they are gross. They get my fingers oily! Yet sometimes they just hit the spot. Like tonight.
Oh, do you want to know what I am reading now? I have just begun Angry Housewives Eating Bonbons. I liked a couple of her other books okay. This one is sort of losing me at the beginning, but this may be just my not so great mood coming into play. I'll keep trying. I have a stand-by if this one doesn't work out.
I am hesitating to discuss why I am feeling distracted...it shows, doesn't it? I found a baggie of pot in one of my son's closet. He is a very good student, a very good kid, and I am a bit at a loss. This is, I have to say, surprising and it has me a bit down. I'm not entirely sure how to handle it just yet. Sometimes, I'm just afraid I have done everything wrong.


Tara said...

Maybe the pot thing is a horrible misunderstanding. I wish you the best of luck in handling that situation. I would be just as confused. Maybe just try telling him that you found it and ask him what happened.

I love Slim Jims. Yes, they are extremely oily. But eating a slim jim with my favorite beverages? Yum.

l.b. said...

Unfortunately, not a misunderstanding, but we did have a good talk and I am hoping that this was a "Very Special Episode" and that a lesson was learned by all.

Slim Jims and Dr. Pepper...*drool*