Thursday, September 28, 2006

Howz About Some Cheese, Hold the Whine

The world seems less dim today. The bright spot of my day was seeing about 15 of the kids here at the library perform their own little magic show today. It was the cutest thing. We had a professional magician come in and teach them a few tricks over a couple of days and then they showed off what they had learned for an audience. Fun stuff like that happens and then I totally feel lucky to have the job I have.
I talked to my experimental (or whatever) son yesterday evening and I think it went pretty well. I expressed my concerns and even made sure to let him know that I feel partially responsible for forgetting that he is young enough to still make really bad decisions and that I would be keeping a closer eye on him with that in mind. He seemed sincerely sorry and embarrassed. Well, that he'd been caught, but still, he likes being sort of a family star and I don't think he wants to risk appearing so bad again...and also hopefully, he heard what I said and won't want to do something so foolish again, caught or not. I do feel better after having been able to talk with him.


Rachel said...

I know that I will probably have to have some kind of discussion like this with my son in the future. I know that if my mom knew about half the stuff that I did when I was younger she would have had an apoplectic seizure.
My sister was so bad and took so much heat for the stuff that she did that I was able to fly under the radar.
Did he ever tell you where he got it?

l.b. said...

I have a sister too. She was the bad girl, I was the good girl. I really was too! I think I was just too timid to be bad :-)

I'm sort of embarrassed to say that I didn't even think to ask where he got it. I guess I should.