Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What, Again? (Also almost Happy Birthday to Son #3)

It is true, I am having yet another long weekend. I have had to burn off some floating holidays that I sort of neglected to take over the year and it has actually worked out very nicely for me. This time I am managing to avoid opening day of the Summer Reading Program and all of the fabulous hysteria which accompanies that event and I am ever so grateful.
I plan to just hang out, usher my kids through the last day of school tomorrow, the first day of summer vacation Friday, and a Birthday Bash for my #3 son on Saturday for his Sunday birthday...*whew*
I have talked to both Team C and the Swordsman, so I'm good there. I have done what I'm required to do here at work, so I'm good here. Now, I can deal with home uninterrupted for the next four days. "Oh, joy!" she said, almost not at all sarcastically.
Talk to you peeps soon! l.b.@onlyoneihave.blogspot

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