Thursday, June 1, 2006

Longest Three Day Work Week EVER

It is true. For some reason, this very short week has seemed very long. I am just dragging ass. Hopefully tomorrow morning more or less to myself will refresh me. I think I just need a little more sleep, a lot more, um...attention, and possibly a personality transplant or something.

Lets see...I have been doing some reading. I haven't been up to anything too terribly taxing - quel surprise, right? I read In Her Shoes. Jennifer writes some not too, too chicky chick lit, so I found it a fine read. I also reread Seventh Heaven. I haven't loved everything that Alice Hoffman has written, but this particular book has long been one of my favorites. Right now I am in the midst of reading Mike, Mike, & Me. I'm into it, because of the whole sort of 'what could have been' angle. I'm often working that one myself :-)

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