Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Color Me Self-Centered

Yes, thank you, I am feeling a bit better today. Yesterday I was way down and I wouldn't say that I am flying high today, but I have definitely risen a level or two. I feel sort of embarrassed when I read "my troubles" when in fact none of them are directly my troubles. And I really do believe in my heart that my son is going to be okay, both medically and personally. He is a fine young man, healthy and strong and smart enough to learn from his mistakes. I also think there is good reason to believe that WTG and the boys will get their truck back. It turns out the police found another truck that had been stolen right in that lot, so apparently they are just driving for awhile then dumping the trucks and picking up another...it seems likely that their truck will turn up, hopefully mostly okay before too long.
As for the work stuff, I am definitely not going to allow that to dictate my mood. It is work, not life.
And the beat goes on.

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