Thursday, June 8, 2006

Time Like a River...

Usually it is a swiftly flowing, white water river. Lately it seems to be moving along like a river of sludge. I couldn't say why, but other people around me are feeling it too. Perhaps it is just this singular period of time when summer vacation is about to begin...but it isn't quite here yet. There is plenty going on, and that usually leads to time spinning out of control. Now, though, time is playing games and it is too clever for me.
Reaching the downhill half of the work week feels like an accomplishment. Its been a nice enough week. I got to see my little guy participate in the Dance Festival at school on Tuesday morning. They have been doing a Dance Festival at this school for as long as I can remember and I hope they never give it up. It is, for some of us, especially the mothers of boys, the only time we are going to get to see our children actually dance! He looked sweet :-)
That same afternoon was our Employee Appreciation Picnic. We got to eat In-N-Out at the park and watch the orange shirts play basketball. Milly won the hula hoop contest! I think I may have found my traditionally required inter-city soul mate there. We all have one, but I had not yet found mine until our eyes met as he crossed the grass to pick up his raffle prize. He's a firefighter, cause they're my favorites. We need not speak to one another of is understood. Ah, good times.
Things have been sort of tense at home. WTG is going through a tense period, apparently, and all must suffer when he does. Luckily I have my scorching friendship with the Poet/Swordsman to keep me purring along.
I am reading a really good book right now called Family and Other Accidents. As for music, I have been relying heavily on my CDs because the radio hasn't been treating me well lately. As of this morning, though, I am hoping that the tide is turning. Just driving to work and flipping between my favorite stations I got to hear The Dandy Warhols, Kings of Convenience, Mojave 3, and Nada Surf. It was almost like a Milly mix tape it was so here's hoping it holds, cause I can't keep buying CDs like a maniac!

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