Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Weather is Here. Wish You Were Lovely.

Just wanted to send out my love and affection before I go off on my quasi-vacation. I wish that I were actually going away for a genuine vacation, but I guess just time off from the mills will have to do. I am going to need a book or two to tide me over, but haven't made a choice yet. I have been reading lightish stuff lately...seems to be what is appealing to me right now. While I'm off, I hope to catch an actual movie, watch some of the stuff I've Tivo'd, and maybe treat myself to a new CD or two.

Okay, okay...I got a chance to peruse the shelves and I picked up The Perfect Play. I also grabbed After You'd Gone. Those should give me something to chew on for the next few days in the wilderness of the homestead.

Loves all y'all and will see you soon.

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