Saturday, August 27, 2005

Almost Vacay Time!

I am so in need of some time off from this gig. As usual, I am extending the long Labor Day weekend into something approximating a vacation. I end up getting six days in a row off, for the price of three. At least one of those days will surely include some sort of private mom celebration for the kids starting back to school. It has been a good summer for the most part, but it will also be nice to feel that my kids are doing something productive each day. Not that a little R'n'R can't be productive, but you know how kids can be....
My son in high school and my daughter in middle school have gotten their schedules and are happy. Now, I just have to see what teacher my third grader will get. Fingers crossed that through fortuitous happenstance he will get a kind, nurtuting educator who will engage him in the learning process.

Just picked out a new book. Its called Goodnight Steve McQueen. I was willing to give it a try for the title the blurb on the front references High Fidelity, so there you go!

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