Thursday, August 25, 2005

More Lunch, Not So Random

Just got back from a nice lunch with a couple of my girls. Nice spicy arrabiata penne at this new place we wanted to try. It was right tasty, I tells ya. As a bonus in the category of "Eating" in today's game, we will be having rootbeer floats for our monthly staff event this afternoon. Guess I'll be able to skip dinner tonight....
And, hey! Guess who could possibly join the staff here? My #2 son! He has a job, but doesn't adore it. We're recruiting for a "shelving management" position right now, so I encouraged him to apply. Yesterday he took the written test (with about 25 other people), so we'll see what happens next. It would be so cool to see him here! I think that even though the work is kind of tedious, he would probably like it better than what he is doing now.

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