Thursday, August 11, 2005

Soooooo Tired

I need to go to bed at a decent hour at some point. I am incredibly tired today. Tomorrow is a day off, but I suspect it will be jam packed with other people's activities. I just feel so guilty when I fall asleep too early. There is so much that needs to be done, and sons wandering in and out until fairly late....

Had my big Tween Party at work yesterday, and can safely call it a rousing success. It did go well, and was not all too strenuous to put together. Now that I am past that, there is just this Saturday (with 3 performance times offered) to get through and SRP is more or less over. Just dealing with incidental fall out for the next couple of weeks. Actually, next week I am scheduled to call in for possible jury duty. I am hoping I won't have to go in at all, but if I do I plan on just making it the one day. If I go in one day and don't get put on a jury, I'll be finished. If they try to place me on a jury, I plan to make it impossible to accept me there. I just have no desire to do my civic duty at this time, sorry.

I started another book by an author that I usually like. It is called Blessings So far, I am not loving it. It is okay...not unreadable, so I will finish before passing judgement. It could just be a slow starter.

Listening to: Queen's Greatest Hits (yes, I love them) at this moment...Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy....
~/o Oooohhhh, let me feel your heartbeat grow faster, faster!~/o

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