Monday, August 8, 2005


SRP is down to its last week! I am in awe of us for making it through with no major problems or breakdowns. What an incredible relief.

On the home front, I am trying hard to maintain my even keel, my serene facade. All in all, things are okay. It is just the daily little irritations that threaten my peace, nothing major at this time. For example, on Sat., I took my two youngest to visit with my oldest at his new place. WTG calls us up, all indignant, telling me the house is falling apart without me there tending to things. Right! Whatever. Such a miserable person. I just pretty much blew it off and we went about out business...didn't get home until around midnight. The next day, yesterday, nothing was really said about it. He had to know that he had been an ass. He had more bitching to do about other things, but I am getting better and better at just tuning him out :-) Boy, the things we do for the sake of our children....

Just finished the Murakami short stories and really enjoyed them. I'm not sure what I'll read next, but fully intend to take someone home with me tonight. Yes, its true, I am such a book slut.

Ooooohhh, I know what else! I talked to a key member of Team C on Friday. That always helps me feel better. Looks like another secret mission may be at least a week away, but I can deal with that. Just knowing the possibility exists is useful to me and my sense of well being.

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