Saturday, July 30, 2005

Dull Roar

That is the sound outside the office door. When I am at the desk, outside of the office, the sound upgrades to a sort of controlled hysteria.
Ah, Sat. in the Lib. ...what a pleat and a treasure it is.

Not much to report (is there ever?) Just trying to hang through the next few weeks of summer. It has it's definite good points, such as the chances to sleep in and get a slower start in the mornings. However, I do feel a little better when my children don't have quite so much free least the younger three.

#2 son finally got a job and begins gainful employment next Tuesday. We also have to get on the ball and get him enrolled at Citrus. #3 Son, coincidentally, is scheduled to take his Driving Test on that same day. What a day, huh?

Still meandering through Family Pictures. Tomorrow night is Six Feet Under, Entourage, and The Comeback . Oh, and Friday there were several episodes of Arrested Development on! Woo-hoo! The TV gods, they smile.

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